Znuie Is Pregnant, What Happened To Ceraadi?


Zunie, a famous pop singer/ celebrity singer from the U.S., is pregnant. She formerly also performed together as a musical group named Ceraadi. Here’s everything about what happened to the group.

Zunie is one of the richest Pop singers ranked.

She started with her other sisters as a music group Ceraadi, who uploaded singles to their YouTube Channel.

Musical Group Ceraadi: What Happened To Them?

Ceraaadi was known to be an American hip-hop duo that was based in Los Angeles, debut released in the year 2019.

So what happened to the group now? The group is now defunct after one of the group members unexpectedly left.

In May 2021, Emaza Gibson announced that she was working on her solo project as a solo artist and later told Sayir Gibson, the other group member, had left the group.

The group consists of sisters who are of Filipino, Caucasian, and African-American descent. Now their contractual obligations to Roc nation Records are unknown.

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Sister Zunie Pregnancy: Yes, She Is Pregnant

Yes, sister Znuie is pregnant with a child to Lil Jamez.

The celebrity singer was born on August 18, 1999. Znuie is 22 years old and was born in Iowa City, Iowa, U.S.

Her fans and community were guessing about her pregnancy, but now she cleared their doubt and posted herself in her Instagram pictures.

Lil Jamez also says that they are blessed beyond belief and has posted a picture with her.

On her pregnancy, she says that it feels so surreal and feels like a blessing to her. Additionally, she also thinks that the pregnancy glow is natural.

Ceraadi Group Members: Know Their Real Name

The real name of the Ceraaadi group sisters is Emaza Gibson and Sayir Gibson, originally from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Zunie also appears on the Youtube videos of their channel in the beginning.

Firstly, they were signed to Jay-Z’s Roc National level in the year 2019 in which they came up with their debut in the same year and have been on the rise since then.

So the name Ceraaadi came from the meshing of both sisters’ middle names. Sayir is currently 27 years old, and Emaza is 24 years old as of 2022.

The famous American music band run by two sisters ‘Ceraaadi’ translates to you.

Ceraadi: Explore Their NetWorth And Wikipedia

Ceraaadi’s NetWorh as of 2019 is recorded to be approximately $1M to $5M.

The musical group was going quite well since they were also passionate about rap and hip-hop in general since their childhood days.

As available on Wikipedia, their released album includes Drumstruck, OK, Kung Pao, etc.

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