Your picture: Buses wait every weekday with engines on


Buses with idling engines (above) stopping along double-yellow lines in Woodlands Avenue 2 have been a daily occurrence, except for weekends and public holidays, for the past few years.

The buses are there in the mornings to pick up company staff. They probably wait for the correct time to do so before eventually turning into a pick-up point farther up the road.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) stated last year that action was taken against 3,800 motorists for idling engine offences in 2020 (Action taken against 3,800 motorists over idling engines, Oct 27, 2021). This translates to about 10 motorists a day. I am sure the number of idling vehicles in Woodlands Avenue 2 alone is more than this.

The NEA letter also welcomed feedback on areas where motorists leave their vehicle engines idling. I have been giving feedback on the problem since November last year.

I welcome any action taken by the relevant authorities.

Wong Hsien Wae

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