With gas prices sky high, here are pro tips to make a tank last longer


He’s actually pumped up.

In 2006, Wayne Gerdes of San Diego, Calif., broke the Guinness World Record for the longest distance traveled on a single tank of gasoline, clocking 2,254.4 miles in a 2001 Honda Insight Hybrid and averaging 164 miles per gallon. 

“The low fuel light was on for over 300 miles before I finally ran out of fuel,” he advised The Post.

This previous weekend, some California stations had been charging as a lot as $6.95 a gallon. With information that the US could possibly be simply weeks away from shattering the nationwide report — $4.11 a gallon in July 2008 — for common gas prices, due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Gerdes is the person of the hour.

A former nuclear energy plant employee, he turned his attentions to gas effectivity within the wake of 9/11 when, in retaliation for the assaults, he determined to attempt to restrict his reliance on Saudi oil.

Wayne Gerdes once got 1,675 miles out of just one tank of diesel in a 2013 Volkwagen Passat.
Wayne Gerdes as soon as acquired 1,675 miles out of only one tank of diesel in a 2013 Volkwagen Passat.

“Saudi oil money right from the US and around the world provided the bin Laden family with riches beyond compare,” he mentioned. “Bin Laden himself performed a horrific act with some of those millions and the reverberations are still being felt today.”

What began out as his personal private protest quickly turned an obsession.

Since then, the gas guru has been setting information left and proper. He did 472 miles on a single cost of a 2021 Porsche Taycan that was solely meant to do 225, and acquired 1,675 miles out of only one tank of diesel in a 2013 VW Passat.

Gerdes believes anyone can beat the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rating of their vehicle, no matter the car they drive.
Gerdes believes anybody can beat the Environmental Protection Agency score for his or her automobile, irrespective of the automotive they drive.

Gerdes, 59, coined the phrase “hypermiling” in 2004 in a bid to outline the tips, ways and strategies he employs to preserve gas and maximize mileage.

Today, he runs the hypermiling discussion board CleanMPG.com, the place tens of hundreds of fellow cost-conscious motorists swap tips on extracting probably the most from their motors.

Gerdes, who drives a 2021 Toyota Prius Prime hybrid, believes anybody can beat the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) score for his or her automobile, irrespective of the automotive they drive. “I’m always trying to find new ways to improve economy,” he mentioned. “With every new vehicle release, the fun is discovering its efficiency limits.”

Gerdes coined the phrase
Gerdes coined the phrase “hypermiling” in 2004 as a approach to outline the tips, ways and strategies he employs to preserve gas and maximize mileage.

And whereas a few of his tips are a little on the market — like driving barefoot to lighten your lead foot — even his spouse of 30 years, Marian, has taken up the hypermiling baton.

“She beats the EPA about two-thirds of the time she drives,” he mentioned. “Sometimes she doesn’t follow the posted speed limit (PSL) but I make sure she does when I’m in the car.”

Here are a few of Gerdes’ greatest tips for squeezing all you’ll be able to out of a gallon of gas.

Gas prices
Gas prices throughout the nation are skyrocketing amid the battle in Ukraine.
China News Service

Drive with load  

Driving with load mainly does the identical factor as cruise management — with the motive force maintaining a regular and constant strain on the accelerator pedal, thereby utilizing much less gas. It’s notably helpful while you’re climbing small hills. “Your speed will change naturally — lower when climbing and higher when descending ­— but from the start of the elevation to the final elevation, your speed remains the same as you never changed pressure on the accelerator pedal,” Gerdes defined.

Love the lengthy glide

If you’re exiting a freeway and there’s an off-ramp forward, begin to decelerate with out utilizing the brakes. “Just glide it for as long as possible so you transfer as much of your kinetic energy into distance,” he mentioned.

Gas indicator in a car
Gliding, as a substitute of braking instantly, will help you keep away from hitting E for a bit.
Nicholas Cardullo / EyeEm

Ridge-ride within the rain

Edge your automotive a little to the appropriate, nearer to the sidewalk, throughout moist circumstances. By not driving within the water that collects in a highway’s well-worn grooves, you’ll get a smoother — and subsequently extra gas-efficient — journey.

Kill that pace

Simply sticking to the posted pace restrict can prolong a tank of gas by up 20 %. “Speed kills economy,” added Gerdes. “Driving faster does not necessarily get you to your destination faster but it will cost you at the pump or the charger — and your wallet!”

A car driving on a highway
Speeding will deplete that tank of gas faster than driving the pace restrict.

Go straightforward on the acceleration 

Don’t simply ground the pedal — speed up slowly however steadily. “If a fully loaded 18-wheeler ahead of you is accelerating to 60 miles per hour in 45 to 60 seconds, why do you want to pass them?” Gerdes mentioned. “Just accelerate with them and pass only after you are both up to speed.”

Be a higher braker

Accelerating from a standing begin is unhealthy for gas economic system, so should you see a pink mild forward, decelerate and check out timing issues with the intention to glide by way of with out stopping as soon as it modifications to inexperienced. “Hopefully you will arrive at the light with some speed as it turns green and you can accelerate back up to your target speed using a lot less energy,” Gerdes mentioned. “Let the speed racer next to you beat you to that light ahead. And then wave to them when you go by at speed and they are accelerating from a stop.”

Wayne Gerdes has shattered information on gas economic system. Now, with US gas prices sharply on the rise, he affords tips for squeezing all you’ll be able to down to the last drop.
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For extra of Wayne Gerdes’ gas-saving tips, go to cleanmpg.com.

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