Will there be an Episode 7 in The Expanse Season 6?


The much-anticipated Season 6 of The Expanse returned to Prime Video on December 10th 2021.

With episode 6 dropping on Friday, January 14th, fans want to know if there will be an episode 7 of The Expanse.

Based on the novels by James S.A. Corey, Amazon has described Season 6 as: “the most epic season yet”. It promises to bring more twists and turns to the science-fiction show fans have grown to love.

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The Expanse | Season 6 Official Trailer | Prime Video



The Expanse | Season 6 Official Trailer | Prime Video






Will there be an Episode 7 of The Expanse?

No, there will not be an Episode 7 in Season 6 of The Expanse.

Due to the open-ended conclusion of Episode 6, fans were hoping for another chapter. However, Amazon confirmed that Episode 6 will be the final installment to this interstellar drama.

The final season ran for six weeks between December 10th, 2021 and January 14th, 2022. All episodes are currently available to stream on Prime Video.

Courtesy of Morgan Ressa, available for download through Amazon Studios

Season 6 Episode 6 recap

The Season 6 finale saw an end to the war that the governments of Earth, Mars and the Asteroid Belt have been locked in since the show’s beginning.

To avoid future conflicts, Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo) proposes the introduction of an independent governing body which would be apolitical and serve to diffuse any future conflicts.

The person she recommends for the job is James Holden (Steven Strait), who agrees that he is best suited for the role.

In one final twist, it is revealed that Filip (Keon Alexander) escaped before Marco and his crew were obliterated. With Marco’s son surviving, The Expanse tease that peace may be short-lived.

Unfortunately, fans won’t know the implications of this revelation, as Episode 6 brings the story to a close, leaving everyone wondering what could’ve happened next.

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Social media reactions to Season 6

There may be no episode 7, but fans are still reeling from the finale.

One wrote: “Y’all, I know everyone is going on about shows like the Witcher and Boba Fett… but we are in the final episodes of one of the greatest sci-fi shows so far this century and its final season is EPIC as. Don’t miss this.”

Shohreh Aghdashloo shared her own tribute to the finale of The Expanse, tweeting:

“I will never forget the bittersweet moments of the last episodes of The Expanse. Especially on my birthday when I did not expect such a surprise during shooting episode 605.”

Lastly, this fan shared their thoughts on the conclusion of The Expanse: “Since #TheExpanse ends in 2 days: This show has been the best TV experience for me these past few years. Nothing has made space feel this real & exciting.”

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