Why Rapper Lil’ Kleine Arrested Again in Amsterdam? Check Charges and Reports


One of the notable Rapper named Lil’ Kleine is again surrounded by controversies nowadays. Some vital sources of information claimed that the famous rapper has been apprehended after getting alleged with assault charges. The 27 years old man took the man into custody in Amsterdam on Sunday evening. However, law enforcement is being investigated in the complete case. The police officers also revealed that Lil’s real name is Jorik Scholten who is said to be involved in an assault incident. The rapper has to stay under the supervision of officials in the police station until the law enforcement reached any conclusion.

According to the latest reports, a case related to an assault that took place at Prinsengracht came to the attention of the police authority. However, the prime suspect of the incident fled from there in his car before officers reached the spot. Later the car of the prime suspect was discovered at Stadhouderskade in Amsterdam from where he got detained and took him to the police station along. CCTV footage of the 27 years old rapper was also released on the official Instagram account of security services.

The CCTV footage also revealed some crucial information as the rapper who was featured in the video seems to pull a woman out from her car. It seems like the rapper slammed the head of the woman to the door of the vehicle. It is being assumed that he was assaulting his own girlfriend. A statement also released on the behalf of the rapper’s management informed that they are aware of the images of the pair and will release further information soon. Although it hasn’t been confirmed whether the statement is released or not so far by the management.


Well, this is not the first time that the rapper is facing legal consequences. Before this, Lil’ Kleine was detained by authority for assaulting a man. He was then served for spending around 120 hours of community service. The entire incident took place in December 2019. The court stated the case a ‘senseless nightlife violence’.

Nevertheless, the rapper didn’t accept charges and said that he had been detained due to bumping into Vaes. He added that another man was extremely rude and ill-mannered. The rapper said that he didn’t even touch the man. Now, again the rapper is in the station until the investigation gets done. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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