Why is The Bachelor not on next week and when does the show return?


Clayton Echard has been on the hunt for his perfect match on The Bachelor, which we see every Monday night. However, devastated fans are in now shock that they won’t get their ABC fix for two weeks.

A line-up of women – who have now received a rose from Clayton – hope they will eventually get engaged to the star. However, several episodes up until the finale will show whether he feels a strong enough connection to anyone.

Those who sit down with a ton of popcorn for each Monday night show may need to make other plans, as The Bachelor will not be airing next week (January 17th).

We found out why we have to wait two weeks until our next fix of Clayton’s dates…

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The Bachelor | Full Trailer



The Bachelor | Full Trailer






Why is The Bachelor not on next week?

The Bachelor will not be showing on Monday January 17th because the NFL Playoff is set to air at 8pm.

With the Wild Card game on at the show’s usual slot, 8.15pm will then see the Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams game. Some viewers questioned whether the Golden Globes were on, as it is a significant event.

However, sports fans will likely consider the football games to be just as important, if not more, than The Bachelor.

When is Clayton Echard’s season back on TV?

We will see Clayton back on ABC for The Bachelor on Monday January 24th, starting at its usual 8pm slot. So don’t worry, his dating endeavors have not stopped airing for good.

With two weeks to wait until the dating show comes back on air, there are a couple of other similar series which fans can tune into instead – which begin on the same day The Bachelor episode does not air.

These include:

Too Hot to Handle – NetflixSummer House – Bravo, 9/8COMG: What happened to Clayton from The Bachelor’s Seahawks career?

Can you watch The Bachelor live on Hulu?

Yes, you can watch The Bachelor as it airs on TV if you have a Hulu and Live TV subscription. Each episode of The Bachelor airs live on ABC every Monday at 8pm.

However, many fans prefer to watch it when it gets uploaded onto Hulu in the early hours of the morning, which is usually around 2-3am on Tuesday.

However, if you hold the standard Hulu subscription, you will not have access to watch the ABC dating series live – but can watch it on catch up.

For those who may be waiting for a pay check, Hulu and Live TV can be used as part of a free trial – for a limited time!



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