Who Was Vanessa Rucker From Nashville? Mother of Two Murder Case Explored In “Deadly Recall: Ring”


Vanessa Rucker from Nashville was found murdered in her apartment after a horrifying turn of events in 1987.

Investigation Discovery’s Deadly Recall: Ring features Vanessa Rucker’s death story. The show is focused on the investigation of the murderer.

Continue reading to explore the entire murder story. Also, we have got you covered about the perpetrator.

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Who Was Vanessa Rucker From Nashville? Murder Wiki Explored

Vanessa Rucker was a mother of two from Nashville, Tennessee.

Reportedly, Vanessa was described as a wonderful woman with a good heart. Well, she was quite lively and loved everybody.

According to The Cinemaholic, she resided with her two kids – a 14-month-old infant and a 4-years-old daughter. She was a single mother and there’s not much to know about the children’s fathers.

On October 14, 1987, police discovered her body with multiple stab wounds. Also, there was evidence of blunt force trauma.

Moreover, the authorities were pretty much sure she was sexually assaulted. After an autopsy, we learned that a toy telephone was pushed into her private parts which confirmed the assault.

Well, the scene of her death was pretty bad. Reportedly, the officers found her body covered with blood.

Show Biz Corner can confirm that she was collapsed on her bed. Well, her head was lying towards the footboard while her feet were towards the headboard.

Reportedly, the police department was unable to determine the killer in the beginning. After almost a year, they restarted their investigation and they finally got a clue from teenager Antonio Smith.

The youngster revealed that Vanessa was spotted with a local hustler named Paul Rutland. Later, it was confirmed that his real name was Paul Waters.

Upon investigation, we found out that he used to reside in the same neighborhood. According to Antonio, he was trying to sell some jewelry.

Interestingly, the authorities were able to match the jewelry with the ones Vanessa had lost from her home. This confirmed that the murderer was Paul.

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Where Is Vanessa Rucker Killer Paul Waters Today? 

Vanessa Rucker’s killer, Paul Waters is incarcerated at the Trousdale Turner Correctional Facility today.

Initially, Paul declined the accusations of murdering a woman. But, when he faced the evidence, he admitted to the crime.

According to the killer, Vanessa had blocked his advances. This angered the man and didn’t hesitate to end her life.

After his confession, the authorities charged him with first-degree murder and aggravated rape. Moreover, he was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison.

Since there was a possibility of parole, he has been trying to obtain freedom. However, he hasn’t been successful in any of them.

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Learn About Vanessa Rucker Family

Vanessa Rucker’s family helped the officers construct a catalog of jewelry that was lost from her apartment.

Thanks to her household, police were able to confirm the murderer. Even after 34 years of the incident, her loved ones aren’t able to understand why someone would kill her.

Every social media is getting attention regarding Vanessa’s murder. You can find various publications regarding the murder on Facebook.

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