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Who was Maoi Roca and what was his cause of death? Cager-turned-celebrity Maoi Roca dead aged 40: We are here with the sudden demise of the popular personal whose name is Maio Roca. He was the greatest personality and he has a huge fan base. He is the biggest name of basketball sports. His sudden death news has created a shock and sorrow amongst his fans. They are taking over Twitter and paying their tribute to him. His life was filled with a lot of struggle. his fans are curious to know the cause of his sudden death cause. He passed so early, he lost his life at aged 40. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Maoi Roca

Who was Maoi Roca?

He was a retired player and other than this he even remained a member of the UAAP Mythical Team. Maio also played for La Salle from 1994 to 1998. He served his four years at the La Dalle. He also won the title of UAAP season 61 man’s championship against Far Eastern University. His entire life he had been giving his best to his career. He was successfully made his passion into his profession. He was fond of basketball since he was in his childhood. And in his career, he joined the basketball team where he used to be practiced a lot.

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Maoi Roca Death Cause

He was a diabetic patient and he use to get ill several times due to this. His routine is as healthy, he remains n a healthy diet and even exercises a lot. He kept himself healthy and fit. Being a sports player his only was to keep himself healthy and fit. He was battling the complications of diabetes.

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How did Maoi Roca die?

As per the sources he was in the hospital and under the medical observations of the doctors. His beloved ones and friends have visited the hospital to meet him. Thye was in a hope that he will be fine soon. But who knows when your life will take an unexpected turn. His family is in huge grief after losing him. Thye is going through a most difficult time.

Maoi Roca Instagram

His friends, teammates, and fans are now paying tribute to him by taking over Twitter. Moreover, the sources also reported that he lost his life in his 40s and he was still wanted to be a recover fast. The major cause of his death is diabetes. He gave his hundred percent to his career and he wanted to stay the number one player and he proved himself also. Stay tuned to us for more world news.

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