Who Was Landen Hausman, Cause Of Death? High School Basketball Player Died Of Drug Abuse?


Most lately a terrible incident took place wherein a High School basked ball player lost his life due to drug abuse. The mishap is gathering attention across the Internet as the netizens and other consumers of different social media platforms are curious to know more about the basketball player and the high school as well. According to the latest reports issued by some of the prominent media, sources claimed that a boy named Landen Hausman died due to a drug overdose. He was just 16 years old at the time of his death and playing for the Team named Impact-MD and M.A.D.E. Get more information on Landen Hausman death cause.

Who Was Landen Hausman, Cause Of Death? High School Basketball Player Died Of Drug Abuse?

As we mentioned above that the teenaged athlete died due to the regular consumption of illegal drugs. This horrific news has been informed by Tori Moten through his Facebook account wherein he said that on 17 January 2022 the father of Hausman named Marc Hausman informed everyone about this misfortune. Marc Hausman is currently designated as a CEO of a marketing consultancy. Landen was the son of Marc Hausman and Hilary Hanh Hausman. The information of her mother is being reviewed.

Who Was Landen Hausman?

Tore Moten also shared the long said note of Landen’s parents in which they express their sorrow. Well, like all the kids, Landed was also an apple of the eye for their parents and they both are devasted after learning about the sudden demise of her son. In the sorrow note, Marc and Hilary wrote that they will share the funeral service arrangements quite soon, said that it would take a few days. They ended the note with some emotional words saying “While we are devastated by Landen’s passing, we cherished our time together as a family, and the joy he brought to us as a son, brother, friend, and teammate.”

After the news went viral all over the Internet, a huge number of people are sending their deep and sincere condolence to the family members of Landed. Along the School authority and his team are paying the heartfelt condolence to Landen. It is unavailable right that what type of drugs had been consumed by the basketball player that claimed his life. We will back to you with all the unavailable information as soon as it gets confirmed by any of our trustworthy sources. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest worldwide updates.

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