Who Was Evicted From ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Last Night? Revealed


‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’ Elimination: Who Was Evicted From ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Last Night? Revealed: Are you know who had evicted last night from ‘Celebrity Big Brother. if not we are going to tell you that had to leave Celebrity Big Brother last night. let us have it in detail. In the celebrity, Big Brother 2022 finalists are facing a very tough time in the house right now. All the contenders are going through tough household competitions, intense veto war, suspicious alliances, and unexpected evictions. On the day of Love Valentine’s Day Celebrity, Big Brother got a new eviction from the house. they had to say goodbye to another person in the house. Follow More Update On Olasmediatv.com

‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’ Elimination

At the end of the episode according to housemates’ votes unanimously Shanna had to evict from the competition. she only hugged Todd and Lamer and said goodbye to them and she warned Todrick that she would get the jury to vote against him if he made it to the final. She said these words to him after speaking to Celebrity Big Brother’s host Julie Chen Moonves. she said her words to Todrick were her ‘last little jab’. she explained I don’t have any control over what the Jury does. Todrick was already doing his song and dance, so it was my last little jab.

she also said that she was not surprised about being the next to go and as a result, did not try and sway the vote in her pre-eviction speech. She told Julie: There was no way. I already knew that they were gonna backdoor me. It was not a surprise. when she was in the house, she was accused of playing on both sides of the house. she posted a post after her eviction that, ‘It was very frustrating for me because not many people in there even know how to play this game. I was spending everything on them. And then they got mad at me for finding out information and giving them information. I mean, Carson himself was in three alliances and he does not even know it.


Who Was Evicted From ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Last Night?

Shanna’s one fan tweeted, ‘she is better off without them. vote Shanna for America’s Favourite Houseguest ‘#CBBUS3 #BBCeleb’.

Her other fans tweeted, “The only acceptable timeline is Lamar winning over Todrick in the final, and Shanna winnings AFP as a nice big slap to Cyn/Car/Miesha/Todrat#cbbu3 #CBB3 #BBCeleb”.

Shanna’s Third fans wrote, “Shanna was a breath of fresh air of #CBBUS3”.

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