Who Was Derricka Patrick? Pregnant Woman Shot Dead, Who Killed Her?


Once again very frightening news is coming in front of the people from Chicago which has shaken everyone as no one thought. Recently, a very bad incident has been reported related to the firing, in which a woman has died, which is also very terrifying. As soon as the incident took its place, there was an atmosphere of great fear which took almost everyone in its lap, due to which no one could come out. But later, as soon as the concerned department got the news of the happening, they immediately reached without delay and pacified everyone so that they could investigate the case.

Derricka Patrick  - Who Was Derricka Patrick Pregnant Woman Shot Dead Who Killed - Who Was Derricka Patrick? Pregnant Woman Shot Dead, Who Killed Her?

As per the report & sources, the police department recognized the deceased as Derricka Patrick who was shot to death while sitting in a car that was parked in Englewood on the South Side, on a Wednesday night, this is what is unleashed by the concerned department. The incident occurred around 07:00 PM, she was pregnant as well, which is a matter of great sorrow, because the crossfire became the cause unexpected departure of two lives. Therefore, everyone is seeking justice for her while requesting the police to take strict actions against the defaulter.

Who Was Derricka Patrick?

Reportedly, later the deceased has brought to the nearest medical center of the University of Chicago so that, her treatment could initiate but unfortunately, the injury was deep and lethal enough which led to her departure. The investigation is being taken ahead by the concerned department so that the defaulter could take into custody before it’s too late. Because once they executed the crime in such a manner, they will definitely execute it ahead as well. Therefore, the police department has released search warrants as well against the culprits whose prime involvement was spotted in the crime.

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It is being said, that the entire scene has been recorded in the Camera which was placed next to the deceased’s, so the footage is being surfaced as well. In which, you could watch the entire things which are remaining the subject of massive discussion among everyone. Because whoever is hearing and seeing the video their reaction is coming out in such a way, as everyone is demanding justice for her. Even around $15,000 reward has been set on the name of both culprits and their involvement spotted and yet they are not grabbed by the concerned department, so when something will come we will update you.

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