Who Is Zelma Cherem From Body Positive? Wikipedia and Biography, Find Her On Instagram


Zelma Cherem is an actress who advocates for body positivity, valuing one’s own body, and empowering others. Continue reading the article to learn more about the star. 

Zelma Cherem is a well-known actress and a social media influencer. You may recognize him from his roles in Roomies (2010), Amazonas (2016), and Como dice el dicho (2011).

She is best known for her participation in the reality television series Survivor México.

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Who Is Zelma Cherem From Body Positive? Wikipedia and Biography

Zelma Cherem is a body positivity advocate who values women and body empowerment. She is not yet featured on the Wikipedia page, however, her biography is presented on tabloids like ours.

She frequently shares positivity and encourages others to ‘love their body.’ Zelma is also an entrepreneur who owns her own Curvy Shapewear, a clothing brand. 

He announced on social media that she has been chastised for her weight on numerous occasions. However, she has used her detractors’ comments to her advantage, sending positive messages to her curvy lovers and teaching them to love their bodies. 

Zelma decided to love her flaws and stop focusing on one size and work on her interior because her personality gave her her style. This is why she decided to work as a team with other women who she admired since she was a child. 

You can visit her website to check out some of her amazing shapewear. 

Zelma stated, “You are a valuable woman in my eyes, and I say this with love! Remember that you are wonderful, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind and that size is just a number! Do not underestimate your own worth.”

“Don’t forget to create your best version, the one that makes you happy, is her motto.” 

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Find Zelma Cherem On Instagram

You can find Zelma Cherem on Instagram under the handle, @curvyzelma, where she has over 709k followers. You can also find her business account @curvyfajas on Instagram. 

She is very active on social media and frequently updates her followers on her daily activities. Zelma’s stunning portraits and positive vibes are enough to win her a large fan base.

Zelma frequently thrashes her detractors for making disparaging remarks about other people’s bodies, traumatizing people, and being fatphobic!

You should learn to love and appreciate yourself. 

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Zelma Cherem At 30 Yeras Of Age

Zelma Cherem was born in Mexico on August 2, 1991, making her 30 years old, and her zodiac sign is Leo. In her early 30s, she has already established a wonderful career for her. 

She is well received by everyone ad her principles are admired by everyone who follows her. 

Besides her advocacy for body positivity, she is also popular for her television appearance. Zelma was a favorite participant from Survivor. 

Zelma was the eighth person to be eliminated from the show, and she was one of the most talked-about characters on the show each week.

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