Who Is YouTuber Callux Girlfriend 2022? 

Youtuber Callux’s girlfriend in 2022 is unknown.

He prefers to keep his life secretive after his separation from his ex-girlfriend Sarah Close in 2019. 

He began dating Sarah Close, singer-songwriter, about seven years ago.

They began dating in January 2014, and their relationship was widely celebrated.

Sarah began her musical career by performing covers on YouTube. ‘Call Me Out’ was her first single.

Callux previously shared an apartment with Wroetoshaw and Calfreezy in Stratford Halo. 

However, the trio relocated into their own Bermondsey home sometime in 2018.

One of Callum’s pranks went severely wrong in late 2013.

Callum attempted to “prank” a man by “stealing” his car in a London parking lot on December 22, 2013. 

The man, predictably, didn’t get the joke and choked Callum before punching him in the face.

Callux Breakup Cause With Ex Sarah & Cancer Update

Callux and Sarah stepped on to end the relationship mainly due to personal reasons.

Moreover, they believed in saying goodbye amicably. 

The former couple discussed their reasons for ending their five-year romance in a video posted on Callux’s account on October 12, 2019.

Sarah indicated that she had had some terrible times in the past two years, which she described as “life-changing,” including the death of a close family member.

Before making each other happy, the pair agreed that they needed to find happiness inside themselves.

Callux went on to explain why he adored Sarah so much.

He said, “This girl sitting next to me is without a doubt one of the most special girls I’ve ever met in my whole life, in every single way,”

Additionally, he remarked, “I feel like we’ve molded each other, or at least shaped each other, over the five years, and the next man is going to be extremely fortunate.”

Sarah and Callux continue to Tweet to one other. 

After the official breakup, they haven’t gone cold on their relationship, so they don’t appear to be any bad feelings.