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Callux-genuine name-Callum Aaron McGinley is a YouTuber who every now and again teams up to make trick recordings.

His way of life/video blog or challenge recordings are the most well known on his channel.


Callux was in a drawn out relationship with YouTube cover craftsman Sarah Close until they reported their detachment in a YouTube video on October 12, 2019.

Who Is YouTuber Callux Girlfriend 2022? Youtuber Callux’s better half in 2022 is obscure.

He likes to keep his life cryptic after his division from his ex Sarah Close in 2019.

He started dating Sarah Close, artist musician, around seven years prior.

They started dating in January 2014, and their relationship was generally celebrated.

Sarah started her melodic vocation by performing covers on YouTube. ‘Call Me Out’ was her first single.

Callux recently imparted a loft to Wroetoshaw and Calfreezy in Stratford Halo.

Notwithstanding, the triplet moved into their own Bermondsey home at some point in 2018.

One of Callum’s tricks turned out badly in late 2013.

Callum endeavored to “trick” a man by “taking” his vehicle in a London parking garage on December 22, 2013.

The man, typically, didn’t get the joke and gagged Callum prior to smacking him upside the head.

Callux Breakup Cause With Ex Sarah and Cancer Update Callux and Sarah stepped on to cut off the friendship basically because of individual reasons.

Besides, they had confidence in bidding farewell agreeably.

The previous couple examined their purposes behind finishing their five-year sentiment in a video posted for Callux on October 12, 2019.


Sarah showed that she had a few horrible times in the beyond two years, which she portrayed as “extraordinary,” including the passing of a nearby relative.

Prior to making each other blissful, the pair concurred that they expected to track down satisfaction inside themselves.

Callux proceeded to clarify why he revered Sarah to such an extent.

He said, “This young lady sitting close to me is point of fact perhaps the most exceptional young lady I’ve at any point met in for what seems like forever, in each and every way,”

Moreover, he remarked, “I feel like we’ve formed one another, or possibly molded one another, over the five years, and the following man will be incredibly lucky.”

Sarah and Callux keep on tweeting to another.

After the authority separation, they haven’t gone cold on their relationship, so they don’t have all the earmarks of being any awful sentiments.

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