Who is the killer in Brazen? Identity of the murderer explored


Netflix’s latest thriller Brazen came out on January 13th and there’s one question everyone is dying to know. Who is the killer?

Based on the novel Brazen Virtues by Nora Roberts, Brazen has a run time of one hour 36 minutes and is available now on Netflix.

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Brazen | Official Trailer | Netflix



Brazen | Official Trailer | Netflix






Who is the killer in Brazen?

The killer is eventually unmasked as Jerald, an obsessed student of teacher/web-cam performer Kathleen (Desiree).

Jerald is introduced as a troubled student who is deeply affected by his cold relationship with his mother.

After discovering Kathleen’s secret identity in an overheard conversation, Kathleen’s dominatrix Desiree persona triggers Jerald’s rage.

Detesting dominant women because of the lack of affection he received from his mother, Jerald begins targeting webcam performers with Kathleen as his first victim.

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Brazen plot summary

Brazen follows crime expert Grace (Alyssa Milano) as she returns to her family home in Washington DC at her sisters’ behest.

Following Kathleen’s murder, Grace teams up with her next-door neighbour, Detective Ed Jennings (Sam Page), to uncover the mystery of Grace’s murder.

Netflix provides audiences with plenty of red herrings before revealing Jerald as the killer. Grace’s ex-husband Jonathon is initially the prime suspect, which turns out to be the perfect misdirection.

At the time of her murder, Kathleen was engaged in a custody battle with Jonathon for their son. With Jonathon’s behaviour becoming secretive, he’s set up as the obvious killer.

Brazen | Official Trailer | Netflix
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Fans react to Brazen

Across social media, Brazen has divided fans.

One fan wrote: “They had me with ‘tense thriller. They sealed the deal with Nora Roberts and @Alyssa_Milano.”

Another wrote: “Brazen on Netflix is so good!”

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Brazen on Netflix so good!

— Punkin. 🦋✨ (@DarnishaZekiah) January 13, 2022

However, not everyone has enjoyed the tense thriller.

One fan tweeted: “How on earth is BRAZEN the number 1 watched film in the UK on Netflix? I hate to sound like a film snob but WHO is watching that clip thinking, ‘Oh wow, this looks good, and definitely worth 96 minutes of my life’. Christ.”

This opinion was shared by another user who wrote: “0.5/2 thumbs up. I don’t know if it was the acting, dialogue, or direction that was bad. Perhaps all of the above.”

Despite the mixed reviews, Brazen is currently the No. 4 film in the UK today.

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