Meet Tramell Tillman From Severance

Tramell Tillman, an American actor is gaining additional attention for his upcoming TV series Severance.

According to IMDb, he has been active in the industry since 2015. Plus, have worked in 7 TV series, including Dietland, Hunters, and Elementary.  

Severance is his first project to release in 2022, and he sure will make regular appearances thereafter.

Tramell Tillman Wikipedia Bio

Instead of Wikipedia, he is present on IMDb, artist page, and here and there on the Internet. 

A long way is ahead of him before making a place on Wikipedia. However, for now, his social media can help those longing to learn about his life.

 Is He Married? Meet His Wife

There are several pictures of him with his partner on Instagram, but declaring them married based on it can be absurd.


They certainly have a romantic relationship going on, but since he has not mentioned her as his wife, the chances are fifty-fifty.    

Hence, the mystery is yet to be solved. 

How Old Is The Severance cast? Tramell Tillman Age

Tramell seems in his 30s, although he has not revealed his age. He must be above 6 feet and, the black actor loves to experiment with his hairstyle, assuming by his Instagram pictures. 

The New York resident from Largo, Maryland, has not uttered a single word related to his family. And hopefully, he will do it shortly as the demand grows. 

Find Him On Instagram 

Tramell is accessible on Instagram under the username @tramell.tillman. With 1565 followers, the count seems to grow as much as he exposes himself via new projects.

Similarly, one can spot him on Twitter with a couple of hundred followers under the username @TramellTillman.