Who Is Ryan Malaty? Meet Crystal Hefner Boyfriend on Instagram


Crystal Hefner seems to be head over heels in love with her 32-year-old boyfriend Ryan Malaty. The couple shared their photos on Instagram and their fans went crazy as they flood the comments section. They are together for quite some time now.

Crystal Hefner and Ryan Malaty Relationship Explored

The former-Playboy model started dating American actor and TV personality Ryan Malaty. Well-known for the Netflix series High reality, American series My Dead Ex, he has also starred in the MTV reality show Are you one? Furthermore, he is the host series ‘after the show on AfterBuzz TV.

It seems that the couple is been together for six months. They shared their first picture together on Instagram in August 2021. Ryan wrote “Disneyland with my musketeer,” while Crystal captioned it, “Squeezing Disney trips between #happy trips.”

Since then, they have traveled to a number of places. They went to the Maldives in October, followed by Egypt and England.

Their Disneyland pictures are absolute goals and had taken Instagram by storm.

The couple has also launched a children’s reading group called Ryan’s Reading Room.

Crystal Returns To Her Natural Self

Married in 2013, Crystal Hefner was the third wife of Hugh Hefner. The marriage lasted for 4 years until Hefner’s death in 2017.

She took to Instagram to reveal she was back to her natural stage and has removed everything ‘fake’ from her body.

“I removed everything fake from my body and deleted all my old photos. I am more authentic, vulnerable and feel that I belong more to myself. I am mine,” she said. In 2016, Crystal was diagnosed with Lyme disease and toxic mold which eventually were side effects of “breast implant illness” instead. Hefner stated that she experienced “brain fog” and “chronic fatigue” due to the implants’ rupture, but had them removed which led to other symptoms. She recently announced that she would no longer post “scantily clad” pictures on social media and that nowadays “modesty” feels more right to her.

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