Who Is Roman Hrybov? Ukrainian Border Guard Who Bravely Told Russian Warships Go F Yourself


For many Ukrainians, Roman Hrybov’s well-known assertion “Go F Yourself” has flip into an emblem of resistance. When a Russian warship tried to strike his battalion, he acknowledged this line to them as a response. 

Roman Hrybov famously acknowledged the phrase on Snake Island. After the Russian vessel blasted the island extensively, he and his males have been presumed lifeless.

People from all world huge have applauded Roman and his crew for his or her resilient act. 

Who Is Roman Hrybov? Wikipedia Biography Explored 

There is a degree out of Roman Hrybov on Wikipedia beneath the heading “Russian warship, go f yourself,” nevertheless not a full perform of his biography on their site. 

Roman Hrybov was part of a small contingent of guards stationed on Snake Island throughout the Black Sea, not faraway from the coast of Romania.

He and his comrades have been defending the territory throughout the early hours of the Russian invasion when the Russian warship “the Vasily Byko” attacked the island.


The completely different explicit individual on the cellphone (a Russian) had acknowledged, “I suggest you lay down your weapons and surrender to avoid bloodshed and needless casualties.” Otherwise, you might be bombed. “

Despite having no technique of escape, Hrybov boldly picked up the microphone and responded by telling the opposite individual on the cellphone to “Go F Yourself.”

Roman Hrybov Got A Ukrainian Medal For “To Go F Yourself” 

On the primary day of Russia’s invasion, Roman Hrybov and 12 different guards have been assumed to have been dead, but they miraculously survived. The Russians kidnapped them and held them as captives.

On March 25, 2022, Hrybov and his comrades have been launched from jail in change for quite a few members of a Russian ship captured by Ukraine after their ship was sunk.

Hrybov was awarded a medal for his bravery in his village. 

Roman has returned to Cherkasy, the place he was honored with a civic award by the world’s chief for his bravery throughout the face of a Russian assault.

For many people world huge, his declaration of resistance on the first day of Russia’s invasion of his nation is probably going some of the acknowledged moments of the persevering with battle.

Roman Hrybov Age: How Old Is He? 

Roman Hrybov appears to be in his thirties. The soldier seems to be like youthful in photos and could be throughout the age fluctuate of 30 to 35.

His birthday knowledge is available on the market. Thus, Roman’s exact age is unknown. 

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Details Of Roman Hrybov Family 

As of now, the famed Ukrainian soldier has not given any particulars about his family. Since Cherkasy is his hometown, his dad and mother is also residing within the equivalent place.  

It is unknown whether or not or not Hrybov has a partner. 

Is Roman Hrybov On Facebook? 

Roman Hrybov doesn’t have a Facebook account, nevertheless the story of his resistance to the Russian warship is trending on this platform. 

Many of us and enormous new media companies have congratulated him for his bravery and restore. 

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