Who Is Patrick Walshe McBride? Details About The Shakespeare & Hathaway Actor Explored


Shakespeare & Hathaway cast, Patrick Walshe McBride is not found on Wikipedia. But here is some information about his bio and family.

Patrick Walshe McBride is a celebrated British actor and model. He is acclaimed for his recurring role as Sebastian Brudenell in Shakespeare & Hathaway.

McBride kick-started his acting career from the theatres and he honed his skills gradually. He acted on plays including The Philanderer, As You Like It, and Blood Wedding.

Having debuted onscreen in 2014 from Inspector Lewis, Patrick has appeared on 9 onscreen projects so far.

Who Is Patrick Walshe McBride? Wikipedia Details Of Shakespeare & Hathaway Actor

Shakespeare & Hathaway actor, Patrick Walshe McBride is yet to have a published Wikipedia page.

He studied acting at Guildhall School of Music & Drama (GSMD) in London. He also received a BA in Oriental Studies from the University of Cambridge.

At GMSD, Walshe acted in the plays like Oedipus Rex, The Seagull, and The Mystery Plays. Outside of the educational institutes, he became a member of the National Youth Theatre too.

Besides, Patrick has portrayed Ed in The Love Story, Polonius in Hamlet, Balthasar in Romeo and Juliet, Victor in Totally Over You, and many more.

McBride landed his first role as Luke Burgess from Inspector Lewis in 2014. Next, he featured in Holby City, Between Departures, Pixies, Backdraft 2, Giri/ Haji, Lake of Death, and Dracula.

However, Walshe earned worldwide recognition for his role as Sebastian Brudenell in Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators. 

Is Patrick Walshe McBride Married? Details On His Wife

Patrick Walshe McBride has not discussed his married life on media.

He appears to be a single man making the most of his bachelorette. But he has not actually revealed if he is single, dating, engaged, or wedded.

Whatever Walshe’s relationship status is, he seems happy and fulfilled.

Everything About Patrick Walshe McBride Family

Model Patrick Walshe McBride was raised in an amazing British family.

He was bred by his wonderful parents in London, England. However, he has not talked much about his folks or siblings.

Despite that, it is certain that McBride had a great childhood and comes from an affluent background.

Patrick Walshe McBride Age & Nationality Disclosed

Although Patrick Walshe McBride seems to be in the age of 30s, we are not so sure about it.

To be true, his birthday facts are out of our reach. Some online sites have revealed his birth date but there is a clash about the real one.

Moreover, Walshe has English nationality and white ethnic background. Also, he stands at a tall height of 6 feet 2 inches.

Find Patrick Walshe McBride On Twitter

Actor Patrick Walshe McBride is present on Twitter as @PatrickWMcB.

He joined the social platform in 2009 and he has been active on it ever since. By now, he has acquired 7,070 followers.

Besides Twitter, Walshe does not have accounts on Instagram or other virtual platforms.

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