Who Is Neff Davis Aka Neffatari Davis From Inventing Anna?

As per the series “Inventing Anna,” Neff Davis is a fledgling movie director who encounters Anna, at a hotel where she was staying in. 

Similarly, when Anna was detained at Rikers Island in 2018, Neff stated they spoke practically every day, as she often visited her. 

Neff and Anna seem to get along well. The former utilized social sites showed that on January 20, 2022, there was a birthday post posted. Furthermore, ICE has Anna detained and she may be extradited to Germany, but the two appear to be in touch. 

How Old Is Neff Davis? Age Explored

Neff aka Neffatari Davis has not revealed her exact age to the world at the very moment. However, she does seem to be in her early 30s. Nonetheless, it’s not her precise age, as there is no data regarding her age and date of birth. 

Sources claimed that Neff has fled to Los Angeles. Regrettably, she has kept her personal attributes hidden from the public. Similarly, her ethnicity and nationality, on the other hand, remain unclear. 

Neff Davis Wiki: Where Is She Now?

On Wikipedia’s official website, Neff Davis is currently unveiled. Moreover, she may soon have her own Wikipedia page, complete with her bio and professional information capturing her evolving personality and vocation. 

Similarly, it’s quite unclear about her recent activities. However, she appears in nine episodes of the show “Inventing Anna” as a part of the supporting cast. 

Furthermore, Davis is active on social media, she has a total of 21.6k followers on Instagram. Besides, she always shares her pictures with her companions and has numerous photographs in the application.