Who Is Lydia Meredith? Will The 22 Years Old Survivor 42 Cast Make It To The End- Meet The Waitress On Instagram


Lydia Meredith is one of the members of the Survivor 42 cast. Here is the complete breakdown of her ongoing personal life happenings. Scroll to learn more. 

Lydia Meredith has made her appearance on Survivor season 42. The show is back on CBS with the new set of Survivors in the new season. Jeff Probst hosts the long-running series where he brings 18 new castaways to the islands of Fiji. 

All of the contestants will be competing with each other to win the whopping prize money of $1 million and the title of Sole Survivor. This year the cast members include retired firefighters, veterinarians, pageant coaches, students, and stay-at-home moms & dads. 

CBS has released a 30-second teaser which gives a sneak peek of the players of the new season. Here is a quick insight into the life of one of the show cast, Lydia. 

Survivor 42 Cast: Who Is Lydia Meredith? Wikipedia Details

The Survivor 42 Cast Lydia Meredith is a waitress, writer, actress, and bartender. She currently resides in Santa Monica, California. She has yet to have her page on the official Wikipedia website. 

From an early age, Lydia has shown her independence by moving cross-country all by herself. Apart from working as a waitress, she also loves to write, go roller skating, and go to movies by herself as her hobby.

During an interview, Lydia mentioned her ability to adapt and try new things has prepared her for the show. In addition, Lydia describes herself as funny, spontaneous, and loyal.

When asked about why she believed she can be a sole survivor, she mentioned she is likable, smart, and also has wicked smart & strategic. 

How Old Is Lydia Meredith? Her Age Explored 

The young cast member of Survivor 42 Lydia Meredith is 22-years old. She was born and grew up in her hometown Fredericksburg, Va.

Lydia says she is proud of staying true to herself under any circumstances. Another thing she feels proudly accomplished is riding Mickey’s Fun Wheel at Disneyland though being afraid of Ferris Wheel. 

Meet Lydia Meredith On Instagram 

Lydia Meredith is active on her Instagram account under the username @lydia_meredith. Her account has more than 5K followers with growing numbers of followers. 

The latest post on her account is the promo of her on the show in Fiji. On her Insta-feed, she has shared pictures with celebrities like Billie Ellish and Bella Throne. 

Lydia joined the platform way back in 2013, however, as of now, there are only 59 posts at the time of this writing. 

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