Who Is Kodak Black’s Rumored Girlfriend Essence? Relationship Explored


On January 11, a video of Kodak Black with such a lady at such an NHL game became public. While the Florida Panthers began playing the Vancouver Canucks at FLA Live Arena. The performer was seen dancing with just a lady in a suit. Some onlookers thought the couple was being too near and intimate.

The clip was provided on Twitter by member @David954FLA, according to the Miami Herald. Kodak could not become personal with the girl in the video, according to a Person and Panthers lifelong fan. Additional video revealed a clear view of the incident near the Panthers’ administrative box, and it appeared like the two were dancing.

Who is Essence?

Although Kodak Black’s clip with a lady made headlines, his admirers wanted to know further about Essence, his supposed girlfriend. She rose to prominence after her clip with Black hit the internet And she can be seen in Black’s Instagram feeds.

With her Youtube page VVsnceEVO, Essence premiered her track Back It Up. In December 2021, the song footage was published.

She discussed her nationality and the source of her name with DJ Smallz Eyes 2. She claimed that her dead dad got the nickname when she was born because it signifies “clean.” Her mother’s lineage seems to be from Cape Verde, while her dad is black, she added.

Her Instagram story shows her as well as Kodak collaborating on the track they’ve been developing on it together. In a separate tweet, she expressed her gratitude to the rapper, stating that he would have humble and thankful to her.

Kodak Black’s Personal Life

Throughout February 2021, the Pompano Beaches, Fl resident confirmed his engagement to singer Mellow Rackz. However, the couple broke up a few months afterward. With his ex-girlfriend Jammiah Broomfield. He even had a son. 
According to reports, the 24-year-old disclosed Maranda Johnson’s maternity in late 2021. And is expecting his second kid.

Bill K. Kapri, commonly known as Kodak Black, is indeed an American rapper probably most famous for his hits “Roll in Peace,” “Tunnel Vision,” as well as “No Flockin.” He was born and brought up in Florida, and his parents had Haitian origins. He has aspired to be a musician when he was a youngster and has worked hard to earn his ambition. He broadened his horizons by spending so much time in a music studio.

His seedy neighborhood, on the other hand, drew him into many sorts of small crimes. He went to a lot of disputes in schools. Kodak Black was under arrest loads of times for trespassing residences. He began taking his musical journey professionally at the age of 12 when he joined the group called ‘Brutal Youngnz.’

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