Who Is Julius Hammond-Desir From Maynard MA? South Shore Plaza Shooting Suspect Arrested


Maynard resident Julius Hammond-Desir arrested and charged with first-degree murder on Wednesday for allegedly shooting 26-year-old Dijoun Beasley of Dorchester. 

Julius Hammond-Desir was a man who is believed as a prime suspect at the South Shore plaza shooting. He allegedly shot and killed 26-year-old Dijoun Beasley of Dorchester while he was shopping at the mall.  

As per the police reports, Julius is a resident of Maynard, Massachusetts. He was captured by Braintree police on Wednesday and was on remand home.

Police cited him with first-degree murder, and he will be behind the bar if pleaded guilty. The shooting happened in January 2022, and the victim was immediately taken to the Boston hospital after the gunshot. He died a day later after the incident reported Masslive.  

Who Is Julius Hammond-Desir Of Maynard MA? Age Explored

Julius Hammond-Desir, aged 19, is a resident of Maynard, MA. The reason behind the shooting is under wraps, and dispatchers are investigating the details. 

According to Boston CBC Local, Julius was under arrest and faced first-degree murder charges in Dorchester on Wednesday. 

Police have released Julius’s mugshots and age details and signed an arrest warrant for the 19-year-old boy Julius. Why he killed Beasley is a matter of concern? The further details have been kept confidential for the moment.

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Julius Hammond-Desir Is A Prime Suspect Of South Shore Plaza Shooting

Julius Hammond-Desir is a prime suspect in the shooting and murdering Dijoun Beasley, aged 26, last month, on January 22. According to DA’s office, Julius shot and killed him while he was shopping at the South Shore Plaza mall. 

As per the police records, Julius’s height is roughly 5 feet 5 inches tall, and he has a medium body type. Regardless, the troopers have released fliers on social media and other tabloids to identify Julius, who is described as a dangerous armed man with a handgun. 

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Is Julius Hammond Desir On Facebook? 

It’s unknown whether Julius Hammond Desir has a profile on Facebook or not, but his murdered news has been shared on ever platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Not much is known about his family background at the moment. The shooting happened on January 22 that killed a 26-year-old man. On January 28, the cops released the details of Hammond on tabloids to know his whereabouts. 

We’ll keep you updated about the courts’ decision. Stay with us. 




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