Who Is Joe Tiner? Bethany Tiner Father Arrested Over Missing Child


Joe Tiner’s arrest has not however been printed inside the media, nevertheless as a result of the case will get further extensively publicised, it’s potential that info of his detention will unfold.

A podcast known as ‘vanished’ has rekindled a debate amongst internet clients regarding a missing particular person case that has been ongoing for 25 years. Teresa Kennedy and her daughter Bethany Tiner have however to be found, no matter the simplest efforts of the police on their behalf.

Bethany was kidnapped from her residence in Chickasha, Oklahoma, solely a day sooner than her fourth birthday, in response to authorities. Teresa Kennedy was arrested on May 8, 1997, and charged with felony teen stealing.

Joe Tiner

Who Is Joe Tiner From Texas?

Joe Tiner is the daddy of Bethany Tiner, who has been missing for nearly 20 years. Joe Tiner is a retired police officer.

He raised his daughter on his alone, with out the assistance of a mother.

Following his divorce from his first partner, he appears to have remarried, in response to public knowledge.

Her husband was depressed all by way of all of the ordeal, in response to his partner, because of he was missing their daughter.

She acknowledged that he would stand up in the middle of the night time time and that he was a complete mess. He’d be in tears and a whole and utter wreck if that occurred. He wanted to take time from work occasionally since he couldn’t take it any further.

Was Bethany Tiner Father Arrested Over Missing Child?

According to the most recent knowledge, Joe Tiner, Bethany Tiner’s father, has not been apprehended as of however.

Her mother Teresa’s arrest warrant, then once more, stays reputable, and her family stays to be actively looking for her. Every most important woman has the potential to be a star, and every 20-year-old woman is a provide of inspiration.

When Joe’s ex-wife and daughter Bethany, then three years earlier, fled the state in 1996, he was unable to go looking out work. She was last seen inside the Watson Mobile Home Park in Chickasha, the place she lived collectively along with her family.

Although an intensive investigation had been carried out and full custody had been awarded by a family courtroom, Joe would under no circumstances see his youngest daughter as soon as extra.

Although he expressed disappointment with the DNA outcomes, he insisted that he would under no circumstances stop the look for his daughter, who has been missing for higher than 20 years.

What occurred to Bethany Tiner’s mother right this moment?

Both Bethany Tiner and her mother Teresa Kennedy went missing higher than 20 years up to now, and neither has been seen since.

At this time, there isn’t any such factor as an information accessible about Teresa.

The discovery of a possible Bethany Tiner DNA match earlier this yr raised the prospect of a breakthrough inside the chilly case of Bethany Tiner.

Earlier this week, Joe acquired an e mail from a youthful woman in her early twenties who had acknowledged herself in {a photograph} on a missing teen poster, very like Bethany’s case.

It appears that her non-public knowledge doesn’t correspond to her starting title, and he or she claims to have been adopted.

She provided authorities with a DNA sample, nevertheless after months of prepared, the DNA verify revealed that the woman was not Bethany, indicating that she was not Bethany.

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