Who Is Jenny Kim? Details About The 43 Years Old Creative Director From The Cast Of Survivor Season 42


Jenny Kim is one of the cast members of Survivor season 42. Let’s take a quick second to learn everything about Kim’s life and her profession. 

Jenny Kim tends to look for a change as she is getting into a twist-filled show, Survivor 42. Previously identified as a Shark, Kim is hoping to use her leadership experience to direct some fish (other contestants). 

After losing her job due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she got time to reevaluate time. Kim is looking for a huge adventure which will as she says “will shake things for her”. 

She has ever since been a fan of Survivor 19 after watching Russell’s season. Kim mentioned that she looked at the game plan & strategy and analyzed it from the big picture. 

Who Is Survivor 42, Jenny Kim? Wikipedia Details 

The creative designer Jenny Kim who has appeared on Survivor 42 has yet to have her Wikipedia page. However, CBS does have her introduction bio on their official website. Kim is also a pilates instructor alongside her profession as a creative designer. 

During an interview, she mentioned when she first came to the workplace with an established team and figure out her way in. She also feels that her experience with making her way in an already-established team will help her in Survivor. 

As a creative director, Kim has had a way to win people over and tell people that there is a better way to do things. Making them agree and work with her is something that is her plus point for the game too, according to Kim.

As Survivor is a social game, she will be focusing on her first impression and assumption. In addition, she is also looking for someone on the game who she can trust.

Meet Jenny Kim Family On Instagram   

According to her Instagram, Jenny Kim has a happy life with her husband who she has been married for 10 years. They will be celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary on September 4, 2022. 

Kim describes her husband as a hero. As per Kim, he left for New York to pursue his dreams with two suitcases and money which would last for only a few months. She says that he is never afraid to take risks. 

While her account with more than 700 followers doesn’t hint at their children but they do have their family dog. Kim who joined the platform in 2012 has more than 600 posts on her account. 

Jenny Kim Net Worth Details 

Though there are no details on the net worth of Jenny Kim, the average salary of the creative director in the United States falls between $113,533 and $157,655.

However, the number does vary from person to person based on their education qualification, skills, and experiences. 

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