Jen Tullock Wikipedia and Age: Who Is Severance Actress?

By scanning through her pictures, Jen Tullock’s current age falls around her 30s to 40s.

However, the complete insiders into her birth date are still under review.

Despite her unknown age and career in the theatre industry, she has maintained a youthful look.

Otherwise, it must be her fun and bold personality that blends with her connection to the current generation.

Her IMDb profile suggests her upcoming three projects this year.

Thus, the busy actress is indeed packed with whooting for her next series while also maintaining her homes in both Los Angeles and New York.

Meet Jen Tullock Husband

Jen Tullock has not given any insiders into her married life or her husband’s identity currently.

It seems she is single at the moment and is focused on her career.

Even so, it is for sure that she has been into at least one romantic relationship in the past.

Her fans have respected her choice for privacy regarding her personal life.

She is very open about her fun lifestyle on her Instagram handle. Tullock is mostly seen enjoying her drinks and love for theatric arts, according to her Instagram posts.

Jen Tullock Net Worth Revealed

Jen Tullock, without a doubt, enjoys a notable amount of net worth figures earned from her artistic career.

She has become involved in many mainstream projects, including the upcoming thriller series “Severance” on Apple TV+.

The show is expected to hit the screens with positive reviews

Hence, Tullock will see a rise in her earnings that will help her enjoy quite a comfortable life.