Who is Holly on Too Hot to Handle and what’s her Instagram?


Holly Scarfone is getting her bikini on ahead of Too Hot to Handle Season 3, where contestants cannot explore their temptations without dipping into a $200K prize pot.

It is officially back – the dating show with a slight twist. Putting money on the line will reflect the stars’ desires, especially if they embark on a romantic encounter with a fellow contestant.

We found the Netflix star on Instagram, where followers have already assumed she may be “spending all the money” during the third season. Let’s do some digging and get to know her better.

Too Hot To Handle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix



Too Hot To Handle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix






Who is Holly on Too Hot to Handle?

Holly Scarfone, based in Santa Cruz, California, is a 23-year-old graduate and model. Her hometown is originally North Bay, Ontario, buts she has since moved into another area of the USA.

Finding relationships boring, Holly is not looking to settle down as she stars on Too Hot to Handle Season 3. She previously studied at Scotts Valley High School.

Known as “Hurricane Holly”, the star has pretty much travelled across the globe, from London and Mexico, to Aspen and Paris, to name just a few locations.

Holly’s job and background

Holly currently works as a model for Donabaldwin Agency, who she has been posing with since April 2019, in the Greater Denver area. She states that she follows “strict routines of diet, sleep, and exercise to maintain appearance”.

Her LinkedIn page reveals that Holly previously worked as an interior designer, sales and social media manager until February 2020, for West Elm in Boulder, Colorado.

She recently graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2021, with a BA in psychology. Other jobs include being a receptionist for Simply Skin Spa, and a hostess at SFORNO Restaurant.

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Meet Holly Scarfone on Instagram

Holly, who has a wide audience of 19.6K followers already, reveals that she is the “life of the party” in her Instagram bio. With many travelling highlights on her page, it’s clear that she is very passionate about globe-trotting.

Whether she’s relaxing by the waves or going to a sports game, it doesn’t look like she ever gets bored. To get an idea of how Holly likes to celebrate, she spent her 22nd birthday drinking prosecco in her pyjamas with friends!

Usually by the blue sea or surrounded by nature, Holly has done her fair share of black-and-white modelling, as well as retro fashion shots. One of her catwalks took place at an event, working for 303 Fashion.

She captioned the catwalk photo: “A real photo of me walking to my ex bfs house to light his things on [fire emoji].”



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