Who Is Happy Goldsmith Aka Manpreet Singh? YouTuber Apologizes For Killing PM Modi In Viral Video


YouTuber Happy Goldsmith has come to controversy after one of his videos went viral online. In recent times, the YouTuber’s 4-month old GTA gaming video has surfaced on the internet where he had brutally killed PM Modi. In the viral clip, the 20-year-old killed a character who was dressed up as Prime Minister Modi. The video was uploaded four months ago on his YouTube channel Happy Goldsmith which has sparked controversy now. Although he has deleted the clips, he has been witnessing criticism from internet users who are demanding severe punishment for him.

Who Is Happy Goldsmith Aka Manpreet Singh? YouTuber Apologizes For Killing PM Modi In Viral Video

The YouTuber whose real name is Manpreet Singh has apologized for uploading the video and has stated it was only meant to be a joke but unfortunately the public took it seriously. Manpreet has shared a three minutes long video on YouTube where he is apologizing for creating such kind of content. He said that he did not know that it would spark such backlash from people around the country and that when he was just a kid at that time.

Who Is Happy Goldsmith Aka Manpreet Singh?

The young boy could be seen saying that he and his entire family is getting death threats even though he has removed the videos. Manpreet Singh further said that when the video has gone viral, he had made it private and even had apologized for the same on Instagram. However, he is still receiving a lot of hate from people. He added that people are connecting the character seen in the GTA video to current PM Modi. Manpreet said that it was just a gaming video and meant no harm and that he has learnt from the mistakes.

Talking about the same, the YouTuber said that he was foolish to even create that video but as it is getting backlash, he is ready to face consequences. Happy Goldsmith aka Manpreet Singh is a 20-year-old boy belonging to Bahgha Purana in Punjab. He runs a YouTube channel having more than 3,00,000 subscribers where he streams videos related to GTA, Farmer and Valorant Simulator. He had shared the controversial video almost four months ago.

Govt or whoever working on this case make sure, Just sorry is not enough for what he was doing in his YouTube video. We have to set an example for future.. pic.twitter.com/7S2ezB19Dw

— The Intrepid🇮🇳 (@Theintrepid_) January 9, 2022

In that video which has now been removed, Manpreet was seen saying that the police officers are providing security and protection to Modi but little does he know, they are actually not. He was seen saying that the police would block the road for Modi’s car and would teach him a lesson. Later, the video showed how the police chased Modi down and killed him brutally.

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