Arrested: Who Is Hadley Palmer From Belle Haven Greenwich Connecticut?

Hadley Palmer, the resident of Greenwich, Connecticut was arrested for the crime she had done in her Belle Haven home.

Palmer, 53, committed the crime in 2017 and 2018 in her $10 million 19th-century Victorian home in Belle Haven.

She was arrested on October 2021 with the charges of employing a minor in an obscene performance, three counts of voyeurism, second-degree possession of child sexual abuse imagery, and risk of injury to a child.

While she was released on a $750,000 bond, Palmer found herself being arrested again for the violation of certain terms and conditions of her pretrial release.

She was found guilty of making the secret tapes of the young children in intimate situations without their knowledge.

Prior to that, she has been in a controversy along with her former husband when a home registered to Mr. Palmer hosted a party in attendance of several teenagers who went on a vandalism spree in 2018.

Her sentence hearing is scheduled for August and is expected to serve 909 days to 5 years in prison with 20 years of probation.

Meet Hadley Palmer Partner Brad Palmer

Hadley Palmer was married to her partner Brad Palmer for 28 years.

The couple, who has been pictured several times decided to separate in June 2020 when Ms. Palmer filed for a divorce.

Brad, who serves as a Chairman and Managing Partner for Palm Ventures is a father of 4 children, with whom he shares with his former wife.

Brad has stayed out of the allegations as of now and his involvement in the crime has not been presented in the media.

He is assumed to have helped his then-wife Hadley during the act of voyeurism.

Hadley Palmer Family

Hadley Palmer comes from a well-financed family.

Her father Jerrold Fine, who bailed her out, is an established entrepreneur.

He started Charter Oak Partner Management in Westport, Connecticut in 1976. The details of her mother is left unknown.

Also, the identities of her 4 children are kept secret as of now.