Who is Elmer Stewart Rhodes? Is he arrested? Age, Wife, Family


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Elmer Stewart Rhodes is the founder of far-right Oath Keepers who he formulated in March 2009.

The Oath Keepers claims to be defending the Constitution of the United States through its far-right anti-government militia.

Founder of Oath Keepers, Stuart Rhodes arrested?

The founder of the Oath Keepers organization and 10 associates have been charged with seditious conspiracy, the most serious charges in connection with the Capitol attack on January 6, 2021.

It has been determined that the founder of “The Oath Keepers” was involved with the Capitol rioters. However, Stewart Rhodes has not yet been charged with a crime.

It is said that he was communicating with capitol hill rioters directly during and after the breach from the department of justice sturad who is the leader of far rights told rioters where to go and plan to use violence. However, he denied the allegations made against him as he had blamed all on rogue members.

It is said that he was messaging at least three members of the oath keepers who have been charged with the conspiracy. 

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Now Rhodes is a former paratrooper and yale law school graduate who founded the antigovernment of keepers back in 2009. He has denied anything related or connected to the capitol riot but in the new filing made by the justice department, a procedure says that he was part of a group chat on the encrypted messaging platform signal called DC OP  Jan 6 21 which is assumed as the date of riot.

Sent messages to the group as the MOb

He actually sent messages to the group as the MOb was storming the capital telling them to go to the south side of the capital steps and event sent a photo of the southeast side of the capital to guide them.

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He has made contact with the mob as he messaged the day before the riot telling them to bring helmets and eye protection along with weapons. However, Rhodes has not been charged yet but the other nine are charged with conspiracy  and the court new  filing suggest that he may be involved 

Elmer Stewart Rhodes Age, Family, and Early life

Stuart Rhodes is 56 years old as of 2022. He was born in 1966 in the southwest  USA.

Unfortunately, we have no information about his family, but he is married to Tasha Vonn Adams Rhodes. She applied for safeguard against Stuart Rhodes in 2018.

Prior to being honorably discharged due to complications arising from a parachute mission at night, he served as a paratrooper in the US Army.

His academic career at the University of Reno began in 1998, where he taught crime survival and rape prevention, as well as became a Nevada-certified firearms instructor.
elmer stuart rhodes earlylife  - elmer stuart rhodes earlylife 1024x738 - Who is Elmer Stewart Rhodes? Is he arrested? Age, Wife, Family

Upon graduation from Yale Law School, he worked as a trial lawyer for Texas Republican congressman Ron Paul before moving to Washington, DC, where he supervised interns for the congressman in 2006.

The Oath Keepers, an organization founded by Rhodes in March 2009, is comprised of members of the military, law enforcement, and emergency services who pledged to defend the constitution through all means, including fighting their own governments.

In 2013, Rhodes announced plans to create local militia units to ensure security “in times of crisis” and train local militias. He has since moved to Big Arm, Montana to become active in Montana’s Patriot movement.

What were Elmer Stewart Rhodes School and College Majors?

He obtained a degree from the University of Reno in 1998 and worked at a women’s center at the university, where he taught crime survival and rape prevention.

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He also becomes an instructor of firearms in Nevada.

Elmer Stewart Rhodes Net worth, How much does he earn? 

His net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

In what relationship does Elmer Stewart Rhodes currently, reside?

He is married to his wife Tasha Vonn Adams Rhodes.

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They lived a happy married life.

Does Clint Arlis have a social media presence?

We do not have any access to his social media platforms for obvious reasons but his organization’s oath keepers are enlisted in Wikipedia.

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Tasha Vonn Adams Rhodes
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