Who Is Ellen Corby Partner Stella Luchetta And Is She Still Alive? Everything To Know About Her


Stella Luchetta is known for having a close friendship with Ellen Corby. Take a look at the article to learn everything about Luchetta who was with Ellen till her last breath. 

Stella Luchetta had a very close bond with the American actress Ellen Corby. Luchetta was staying with her till Ellen took her last breath at the age of 87 in 1999. Ellen, on the other hand, was a famous grandmother on The Waltons. 

The homely and gentle grandmother, Ellen grabbed the viewer’s attention both on and off-screen. The three-time Emmy award winner and a Golden Globe winner, Ellen played the role of admirable and courageous grandparent. 

During her lifetime, Ellen had quite a close relationship with Stella. At the time, Stella was a caretaker for Ellen to the outside world. 

Who Is Ellen Corby Partner Stella Luchetta? Wikipedia bio 

Stella Luchetta who came to the limelight as a close friend of Ellen Corby has yet to have his Wikipedia page. Corby and Luchetta presented themselves as good friends on the media. However, some of the sites claim that they’d actually entered a relationship. 

However, for the world, Corby was married to Francis Corby. Meanwhile, she maintained her “friendship” with Stella for almost five decades. Stella was with Corby on her last days. 

Reportedly, the very last word that Corby said was “Love You” to Luchetta. While their relationship slid under the radar as a quiet. On the other hand, Ellen’s marriage with Francis lasted for twenty years, and had three children together. 

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Is Stella Luchetta Still Alive?

Though there is no precise information about Stella’s death on the Internet, they might be together in heaven or wherever they are. 

Luchetta met Corby in 1954 and they had been inseparable ever since till Ellen’s demise. Neither Stella nor Ellen ever mentioned anything about their relationship in the media. 

Stella Luchetta Net-Worth Explored 

The only thing known about Stella Luchetta is her close bond with Ellen. There are no reports on her net worth or her profession on the Internet. 

She lived with an American actress Ellen for almost 50 years till Ellen’s death. As many may know, Corby was established as an American actress and scriptwriter.

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