Who Is Clarence Coodie Simmons? Kanye West Documentary Jeen-Yuhs Director and Friend Talks His Relationship With The Rapper


The Wikipedia profile of Clarence Coodie Simmons explains his friendship with Kanye and Chike. 

Clarence Coodie Simmons directed and released the documentary series Jeen-Yuhs: The Kanye Tirology On Netflix with his long-time work partner Chike Ozah.

Although the footage was released in 2022, he had plans to release it in 2005, but Kanye was not ready and did not let the plan go forward, writes Geo News. 

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Who Is Coodie Simmons?- Find Him On Wikipedia

Cooodie Simmons Wikipedia explores details of his personal life and the beginning of his friendship with Kanye West.

He was born in South Carolina to Wendy Simmons and Clarence Simmons Sr. Both parents were CTA Transporters. His mother had played a big role in shaping his career.

His mother was also born and raised in Chicago. She pushed Coodie to pursue his ability to make people laugh by tagging along on his sister’s radio show.

Later, he attended Julian High School, where he developed a passion for entertaining others through talent shows and filming. After completing high school, he attended Northern Illinois University, where he majored in Communications.

However, he was placed on academic probation after one semester, and after a year, he was expelled from the university due to academic and behavioral concerns.

Later, he co-founded Channel Zero in 1994 with his good buddy Danny. The two of them created a show that drew much attention in Chicago’s inner-city streets.

Then through an MTV show, he met Chike. At that time, he was already linked with Kanye to film him for a documentary. On the other hand, the rapper and one of his friends decided to pair them up to create his first music video, “Through The Wire.” 

Ever since he and Chike have been working together and did a lot of production for Kanye. 

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Coodie Simmons Is A Kanye West Friend & Jeen-Yuhs Director 

Coodie Simmons is a friend of Kanye West and the director of Jeen-Yuhs. When he first encountered Ye in 2002, he was just starting to develop a name for himself.

However, after meeting Ye, he began filming the rapper to create a documentary about him. Later he met his work buddy, Chike, and started working together by starting a company called Creative Control in 2007. 

They are also the minds behind the Jeen-Yuhs. During an interview, they shared why it is the right time to release the documentary. 

They shared that they had planned to release it twice before. However, when they tried to release it in 2006, the artist was not ready to show himself to the world. 

Likewise, when they planned to do it in 2014, they had another plan for the rapper and pushed forward the idea. And, now the things started to line up, and they did what they planned. 

Coodie Simmons Has Impressive Net Worth

Coodie Simmons has kept his net worth details confidential. However, he may have an impressive fortune under his belt. 

He is the co-owner of Creative Control, an entertainment company that nurtures artists like Kanye. The company develops content for including films, commercials, and television programs. 

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