Who Is Christian Mccaffrey? Olivia Culpo Forced to Cover Up in Christian’s Hoodie Before Boarding Flight


Former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo was left speechless when she was halted to board a flight due to her outfit. The 29-year-old model was travelling with her sister Aurora and her boyfriend Christian McCaffrey to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Airline Forces Olivia to Cover Up or Not to Board

Olivia Culpo travels far and wide to participate in photoshoots and model runway shows. While travelling to Mexico on Thursday, she was stopped from boarding an American Airlines flight due to her outfit. She was wearing an all-black outfit, with a crop top, biker shorts, and a long cardigan.

Upon reaching the boarding gate, the agent stopped her and asked her to put on a blouse or not get on the plane. Her sister Aurora took to Instagram to make accusations against American Airlines. She recorded a video showcasing her sister’s outfit which she did not find “inappropriate” or “offensive.”

However, Culpo had to put on an oversized hoodie belonging to her boyfriend.

Olivia Culpo & Mccaffrey- Relationship Explored

Olivia Culpo and Christian McCaffrey have been dating since June 2019. Some of their mutual friends introduced them in 2012. However, Culpo had doubts with respect to dating another athlete. She had previously dated the athlete NFL star, Tim Tebow. She even dated Danny Amendola for two years, from 2016 to 2018. In 2019, the former pageant winner finally gave in and dated McCaffrey.

Christian McCaffrey, the 25-year-old American football player is currently Carolina Panthers in the National Football League. The team selected the athlete in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft. He received a signing bonus of $21.5 million. In addition, he signed a new $64 million contract with the team in April 2020. This made him the highest-paid player in NFL. Above all, his girlfriend supports him as she took to Instagram in September 2021 at a game between Carolina Panthers and New York Jets.

The city seems to be a favourite destination of the couple as they’ve been seeing vacationing there in Feb 2021 as well. They celebrated their two-year anniversary in July 2021.

“Getting to see you work your butt off every single day to make your dreams come true has been such an inspiration to me and your sincerity in everything you do makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world,” she confessed.

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