Who Is Brendan Slocumb? Everything About The Musician And Author As His Music Novel Debuts


Brendan Slocumb is a famous musician and also a renowned author. His book The Violin Conspiracy was published in February 2022, in hard copy as well as an audiobook. 

Brendan Slocumb is a musical talent – he plays the violin, he has a degree in music education and he teaches students the art. recently, he has added one more feather to his hat after he authored a book titled The Violin Conspiracy. 

The book has been getting immense praise for its riveting story, as the mystery thriller explores the desperate quest of a Black classical musician to recover his lost family heirloom violin on the eve of the most prestigious music competition in the world.

His story, published by the Anchor Publication, has been called incredible and entertaining by many critics. 

Who Is Brendan Slocumb? Wikipedia Bio

Brendan Slocumb has been a public figure for a long time and recently even got added to a list of published authors, but he is yet to have a separate Wikipedia dedicated to him. 

However, the musician has revealed his details on his website, brendanslocumb.com, regarding his professional journey in this sector. 

Formally educated in music, he is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a degree in music education. Moreover, he specialized in concentrations on Violin and Viola. 

For the past twenty-three years, he has been teaching general music, orchestra, and guitar ensembles to children from public and private schools, of all levels ranging from Kindergarten to Highschool level. 

Professionally, he has performed on violin with the Washington Metropolitan Symphony, the McLean Symphony, the Prince George’s Philharmonic, and the Alexandria Symphony. He also currently serves as the concertmaster for the NOVA-Annandale Symphony Orchestra.

A kind-hearted person, he also found a non-profit charity named Hands Across the Sea to offer support to the Berea School of the Arts in Manila, by providing instruments, lessons, and monetary support.

The author’s favorite things to do apart from music and writing are exercising, collecting comic books and action figures. Occasionally, he also performs with his rock band, Geppetto’s Wüd.

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Brendan Slocumb Wife And Family Details

Brendan Slocumb has not revealed any details about his marital status, so his wife’s details are unknown. However, many websites have researched the author’s family background even though he has not spoken anything about it. 

According to them, The Violin Conspiracy author was born in Yuba City, California, and was raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina to parents Kevin Bernard Slocumb and Khalilah Atkinson-Slocumb. The artist is one of 6 siblings.

The violinist’s father was also an extraordinarily gifted musician, being proficient on both French Horn and Oboe. It is perhaps his father’s talent that has passed on to him. 

He has revealed that music has always played a major part in keeping him on track and even keeping him out of jail, as he grew up with friends and company who are sitting in jail today for crimes they committed. 

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Meet Brendan Slocumb On Instagram

Author and musician Brendan Slocumb are on Instagram @brendanslocumb. 

There, he has gathered a small community of people who are seen genuinely supporting him and cheering him on. As his popularity grows, his fan base is also seen growing. 

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