Who Is Bianca Berry Tarantino? Wikipedia Bio – Sweet Magnolias Katie Townsend Actress


Who is Bianca Berry Tarantino AKA Katie Townsend On Sweet Magnolias? Make the acquaintance with her parents and her age in the article.

Bianca Berry Tarantino has brought spark on many eyes via her tremendously captivating acting on Sweet Magnolias as Katie Townsend. 

Further, for those who have not watched Sweet Magnolias, you must have spotted her on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Swamp Thing, The Gifted, or any other from her pool of performances. 

Bewitched by that innocent face and delicate portrayal, you must have been searching for who she is backstage?

So, here are some must-know facts of the talented little girl that might fascinate you even more.

Who Is Bianca Berry Tarantino-AKA Katie Townsend On Sweet Magnolias?

Bianca berry Tarantino is an American child actress. 

Active since 2016, Bianca has given life to many characters, including Young Abby in Swamp Thing, Dawn in The Gifted, and Jennifer Larson in NCIS.

Her up-and-coming projects are gathering her much-needed fame. Plus, her return in the second season of Sweet Magnolias has helped her twice the amount.

Presuming by the versatility of her depiction, she will definitely make a big name for herself imminently. 

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Bianca Berry Tarantino Wikipedia

Bianca is still a fresh face plus a baby. Thereby, unlikely to be on Wikipedia.

However, the child-actress have quite a generous amount of information here and there on the Internet. 

In addition, her presence on social media has come in handy for those willing to learn about her social media engagement. 

Her parent-monitored Instagram account has more than 3k followers under the username @bianca.berry.tarantino. Though the handle is private, one can give it a go by following her. 

How Old Is Bianca?

Born on the 14th of September in 2011, Bianca will be celebrating her 11th birthday this year. Though she has communicated where she was born, most probably, she must be an American. 

The Virgo-kid with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes must stand tall above 4 feet.

As per IMDb, Bianca has four credits and, two self credits on her name. 

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Meet Her Parents

There are no details of her parents on the Internet. The prospects of spotting them on her Instagram are high, but unfortunately, her private account comes on the way.

Hopefully, they will make appearances anytime soon, considering the demand of audiences to take a look at those who brought this sweet little girl into the world. 

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