Who Is Ben Roberts Smith Girlfriend He Was Having An Affair With?

The girlfriend of Ben Roberts Smith, whom he was having an affair with, was dictated as “Person 17” during the trial. The authorities have not revealed the actual identity of the woman.

Ben Roberts allegedly had an affair with the woman from October 2017 to April 2018. The war veteran claimed that he and his wife divorced in September 2017.

However, his wife, Emma Roberts, claimed they were together during his affair. She informed the court that they did not separate until January 2020.

Emma, who testified for the first time in Mr. Roberts defamation Smith’s lawsuit on Monday, stated that her husband encouraged her to lie to the press in 2018.

The couple sold their property on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in December 2000 for more than $2 million.

Wife Emma Roberts Provides The Details

The wife of Ben Roberts Smith, Emma Roberts, provided the details about her husband’s affair to the Federal Court.

The estranged wife of war veteran Ben Roberts-Smith told that she found about the affair when his girlfriend showed up with a black eye at the couple’s Sunshine Coast home and informed her she was pregnant with his kid.

Person 17, a woman in a pink and black dress, was “weeping a lot” and took off her sunglasses to reveal a black eye.

According to Emma, Ben persuaded her to pose with him for a front-page feature in The Australian in 2018, or she would lose her children.

Emma Roberts, teary at times, said she read texts between the lovers for three hours before withdrawing $50,000 from her husband’s joint bank account.

Ben Roberts Smith Latest Update: Where Is He Now?

The new update on the case of Ben Roberts Smith, the war veteran, exposed the details about his extramarital affair.

Ben Roberts Smith filed defamation lawsuits in 2018 against Nine’s The Age, Herald, and The Canberra Times following a series of articles accusing him of being a war criminal and hitting his former lover in the face.

The Australian Federal Police has been investigating Roberts-Smith for war crimes since June 2018. The trial began in the Federal Court of Australia in Sydney in June 2021.

Lawyer Sandy Dawson told the Federal Court that the Australian Federal Police had information, including an eyewitness, that allegedly connects Roberts-Smith to war crimes in Afghanistan.