Who Is Aumkareshwar Thakur? Creator Of Sulli Deals App Arrested From Indore


The creator of “Sulli Deals” has been reportedly arrested by the Special Cell of Delhi Police on Jan 8. For those unversed, Sulli Deals is an application where Muslim women pictures are uploaded without their consent and then it goes for a virtual “auction”. As shocking as it appears, the news is unfortunately true. The accused who has been taken into custody is identified as Aumkareshwar Thakur. Ever since the news reached to light, it has become matter of argument. Netizens are curious to know about the matter and about the accused. Here is everything we know.

Who Is Aumkareshwar Thakur? Creator Of Sulli Deals App Arrested From Indore

According to the reports, Aumkareshwar Thakur has been arrested from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. His arrest came following the questioning of the creator of the Bulli Bai app, Niraj Bishnoi which highly resembles the Sulli Deals app. It has also come forward that Aumkareshwar confessed involved in uploading Muslim women’s pictures on the app for the auction. He admitted that his main motive was to defame Muslim women and in January 2020, he had joined a trad-group on Twitter named “Treadmahasabha”. Thakur was active on the platform under @gangescion. The news has become the topic of debate ever since it came to light.

Who Is Aumkareshwar Thakur?

Talking about Aumkareshwar Thakur, he has a degree in BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) which he has gotten from IPS Academy located in Indore. Reportedly, Thakur had developed the codes that he further used for the Sulli Deals app on GitHub. Every member of the group was able to access the app on GitHub. The 25-year-old had shared the aforementioned app on his own Twitter account while it was also added that the group members used to upload the photos of those Muslim women with the intention to troll them. After the matter regarding the app came to light, Thakur deleted all the evidence related to his involvement.

After Aumkareshwar Thakur got arrested by the Delhi Police, his father Akhilesh Thakur stated that his son is being framed by the people who were detained by the officials earlier in the Bulli Bai case. He added that his son has told him of not being involved in the Sulli Deal case anyway and if any evidence regarding his involvement is found, he would not mind getting hanged. Akhilesh further added that Aumkareshwar assured him that those people who have taken his name in the case are trying to defame him and that he is not involved in it in any way.

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