Who Is Assamad Nash Killed Christina Yuna Lee? Chinatown Murder Case


Christina Yuna Lee, one of the famous personalities of China recently became a victim of homicide. According to the latest reports Lee was found dead in her apartment. The case has even come to the attention of the police authority who began their investigation and even arrested a man as the prime suspect of the crime. Police officers have even started their initial investigation. All of her friends and family members are immensely shocked by this tragic event that claimed the life of an innocent girl. Get more information on Christina Yuna Lee death.

The entire brutual murder case is getting immense hype in the entire city and now garnering enormous attention on the web across the world. As per the reports someone called to emergency services to inform about the disturbance in a building located in Manhattan on Sunday. The informer said that a woman was screaming somewhere on the sixth floor. Police officers respond the call and reached on the particular floor of the building and found that door or the apartment was locked. Somehow, officers managed to enter the apartment.

Who Was Christina Yuna Lee?

At the time police officers were struggling to open the door they were hearing screams of the woman pleading for help but she gets completely silent after a short while. The entire information had been released by a prosecutor named Dafna Yoran during the hearing of the case at Manhattan Criminal Court held on Monday night. The prosecutor further added that officers also heard another voice similar to the woman saying the officers “We don’t need the police here go away.” Later, some female cops arrived at the scene and entered the house after breaking the door.


As and when police entered the apartment and found the corpse of 35 years old Lee that immediately sent for autopsy and reports claimed that she had been stabbed more than 40 times by a sharp knife. The prosecuter also disclosed that the second voice was of the man named Assamad Nash who was chasing Lee from Chrystie Street in Chinatown.

He then barged in her apartment and killed her. The 25 years old man was hiding under the bed and a knife supposed used for killing was on the floor. Officers took him into the custody and proceed him to court where he served for 25 years imprioment excluding bail. Stay connected with Social Telecast for more information and latest updats.

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