Who Is Assamad Nash From NYC?

Assamad Nash is a 25-year-old homeless man living in the Manhattan area.

He was arrested on the charge of killing Christina Yuna Lee-a Korean American. 

Nash was charged with murder and burglary in connection with the gruesome homicide. 

He is due to be arraigned at Manhattan Criminal Court later Monday.

Nash is suspected of stabbing Christina Yuna Lee to death in her Chrystie Street apartment shortly after 4 a.m. Sunday.

Christina cried for aid and screamed to neighbors to Call 911.

Nash was tailing Lee from the moment she came home.

Assamad chased Lee up to six flights of stairs to her apartment and pushed his way inside just as the door closed.

Mayor Eric Adams stated on Sunday afternoon, promising to continue to crack down on the city’s rising violence.

In a statement, he added, “New Yorkers around the city and I grieve the innocent woman slain in her home last night in Chinatown, and we stand with our Asian brothers and sisters today.”

Who Is Christina Yuna Lee Killer-Chinatown Murder Case Update On Reddit

Christina Yuna Lee killer Assamad Nash followed her and pushed himself into Lee’s apartment. 

People have been angry to learn about the murder of creative designer Lee on Twitter and Reddit. 

Christina had just returned home from a Saturday night out with her friends.

The 35-year-old was dropped off at her apartment building on the 100 block of Chrystie Street with no indication that she was being followed.

Assamad walked in straight after her once she opened the door.

She had no idea he was there as she walked up six flights of stairs while this man followed her mercilessly.

After 4 a.m. on Sunday, Lee’s scream pierces through the building.

Officers arrived minutes after two young women living across the called 911. The door was barred when they arrived.

The Emergency Services Unit workers had to break down the steel door.

Lee’s body was found dead in her bathroom while Nash hid under the bed.