Who Is Amber Luke? Age, Instagram, net worth, and, more!


Who Is Amber Luke? Age, Instagram, net worth, and, more: A tattoo enthusiast is shared her experience of her body transformation, which makes the readers and her followers amazed. If you guys check out her pictures, you will see that she has tattoos all over her body and she has been looking like a tattoo artist. Her name is Amber Luke is splashed the biggest amount on her body. She spent almost $190,000. In the article below you will be going to read more about her in detail, so just keep up with us. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Amber Luke

Who Is Amber Luke?

She is 26 years old wh love to be get tattooed and it can we have seen clearly in her pictures on Instagram. 99 percent of her body has been covered with tattoos even she also injected the blue ink in her eyeballs. After this, she wasn’t able to see anything and she was blind for almost three weeks. In her pictures, we can clearly see the boy transformation of her. She has tattoos all over her body. Her features are so sharp and she looks super cute. She does a lot to modify herself and there is the extreme modification of her body.

Amber Luke: Age, Instagram, and net worth

Here are some of the modifications of her body parts such as her tongue being split, earlobes being stretched too, and she even went for cosmetic surgeries Brazilian bitt lift, and breast implants. She herself stated about her, “I am not in any regret about these tattoos on my body. Even I love myself for how I like and the way I look. This makes me different from others and this is what I always wished to look like.”

Amber Luke Biography

She has 600 tattoos on her body and she even described herself as a “blue eyes white dragon”. She even created her account on Onlyfans and she has been selling her pictures. After which she is in a profit and she loved being like this. She even says that “I never wanted to work nine hours job as this is not me. So OnlyFans is the best option and I’m in the profit too.”


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She is able now to give herself the stability of earning $307,660 in just two years. She has piercings also near her eyes and on her cheeks too.  You may visit her Instagram and there you guys can see her transformation pictures. Stay tuned to our site to get world news and more updates on the same.

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