Who is Alison Steinberg From Huntington Beach? OAN Contributor’s Hate Video Goes Viral


After seeing the rainbow flag in the middle of Pride Month, One America News anchor Alison Steinberg had a foul breakdown over the weekend.

Alison Steinberg is at current trending on-line on account of her remarks in regards to the LGBTQ group and the continued battle between Russia and Ukraine.

 Alison Steinberg

Who is Huntington Beach native Alison Steinberg?

Alison Steinberg, who had earlier declared that it was “gay” to assist Ukraine of their wrestle in the direction of the invading Russian troops, uploaded a rage-filled tirade to Instagram in response to seeing the LGBT delight flag floating over Huntington Beach on Saturday night.

Conservatives have already expressed their displeasure with the rainbow flag flying in public areas, which brings us to Steinberg’s statements.

There has been numerous talk about in regards to the attainable outcomes on LGBTQ rights since Justice Clarence Thomas suggested that Obergefell v. Hodges, which upholds the perfect to same-sex marriage, is more likely to be overturned on account of the Supreme Court’s present decision to overrule Roe V. Wade.

Steinburg Alison Wikipedia

One American News’ anchor is Alsion Steinburg. Steinberg gained notoriety sooner than being employed by OAN for following “socialist” corporations that imposed epidemic precautions.

She seems to be prefer to be in her 30s based on her photographs. She is at current beneath backlash for her suggestions in route of the LGBTQ group and Ukraine.

Steinberg responded to Dan Ball’s assertion that it’s hypocritical for gay of us to assist Ukraine when same-sex marriage is “banned in the entire country.”

Explaining Alison Steinburg Hate Video

Alison Steinberg is talking about numerous varied issues, nevertheless one issue is apparent: Steinberg is in the direction of anyone who assist Ukraine. The MAGA doctrine now accommodates this as a requirement for membership, which is horrible assist for Ukraine given the problems many people on this nation have there.

The MAGA movement is, in reality, tied to Russia; it was really started there. It ought to thus uncover a choice to stop MAGAs from labelling the Moscow killer a wrestle jail and allowing Putin to trample Ukraine.

Alison Steinberg equated backing Ukraine to “virtue signalling.” According to Steinberg, resisting Hitler would have moreover been seen as benefit signalling.

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