Who Is Alexei Sharov? Russian Colonel Declared Dead After Being Killed In Mariupol


Commander of the 810th Guards Separate Order of Zhukov Brigade inside the Russian Marines, Alexei Sharov has the rank of essential frequent.

A model new chief has been misplaced in Vladimir Putin’s Army, consistent with the Daily Mail, as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine approaches its second month. He is the fifteenth senior military officer to be assassinated by Putin’s regime.

In a Telegram message, Sergey Bratchuk, a spokesman for the Odessa military administration, confirmed that the soldier had died. On social media, individuals are rallying behind the Ukrainian of us and their set off.

Alexei Sharov

Who is Alexei Sharov and what’s his background?

Alexei Sharov is a Russian military Colonel who served as a result of the commander of the 810th Guards Separate Order of Zhukov Brigade inside the Russian Marine Corps. He was reportedly killed inside the southern Ukrainian metropolis of Mariupol, consistent with opinions.

His lack of life makes him the fifth colonel to perish in the middle of the invasion. As a outcomes of his lack of life, the overall number of Russian military leaders who’ve been slain now stands at 15. Many publications, nonetheless, have asserted that the amount may be as extreme as twenty.

Putin has on no account publicly acknowledged the deaths of any of his generals. As a consequence, Moscow has been tight-lipped in regards to the exact number of casualties suffered by the Russian Army.

The data of Alexei’s lack of life was made public after Colonel Nikolay Ovcharenko, Commander of the forty fifth Engineering Regiment, was killed in a shootout with the police.

According to the president, 100,000 individuals are trapped inside the metropolis, which is surrounded and subjected to every day shelling, and reside in “inhumane conditions.” According to him, individuals are residing beneath fastened shelling, with no meals, water, or medication accessible to them all the time.

Alexei Sharov was the determine of the Russian Colonel who was killed in Mariupol

Alexei Sharov, a Russian colonel who was killed in Maripoul, has been acknowledged. Anatoliy Stefan, a Ukrainian army officer, posted a message on Twitter in response to the lack of life announcement.

The number of higher-ranking Russian military officers who’ve died has risen to fifteen, nevertheless there are concerns that the amount might probably be elevated on account of Russia’s refusal to launch information on the deaths.

Up to date, Putin has solely verified the data of 1 frequent’s lack of life. However, the Ukrainian Army has been providing frequent updates on the number of casualties on Russia’s side.

The lack of life toll amongst Russian generals continues to rise, with Alexei Sharov being the fifteenth to be killed

The itemizing of Russian generals who’ve died continues to develop as Alexei Sharov is added to the itemizing of casualties. Putin, alternatively, has not talked about one thing about it inside the media.

His military is fixed to lose its commander, and the nation is experiencing a very powerful lack of military officers in its historic previous.

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