Who Is Roger Frost Actor? Wikipedia Of The Notting Hill Star

Roger Frost is an Actor belonging to Britain most notably known for his role in Notting Hill. However, the famous actor is yet to have his own Wikipedia bio. 

A compilation based on publicly available information featured in many interviews and websites is listed below. 

The artist was born on June 9, 1948, in Hackney, London, England as Roger J. Frost. But, he has not revealed his parental details or his upbringing publicly. 

The 73-year-old has retired long ago from the industry but still is known for his roles in renowned productions such as The Wolfman, The Bourne Identity, and Time Bandits. 

While his last big appearance was a decade ago in 2010, he is most popular for his role in Notting Hill, where he plays an annoying customer in the 1999 romantic comedy. 

Starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, and directed by Richard Curtis, he manages to appear in a memorable scene in a travel book shop, only to quiz the owner on a variety of non-fiction novels, being told countless times by the actor that it’s a travel bookshop. 

His excellent acting ensured he left a profound mark on the viewers and fans. 

Actor Roger Frost Is The Husband Of Welsh Actress Pam Ferris 

Roger Frost is a celebrity spouse, as he is the husband of famous Welsh actress Pam Ferris and the duo make a lovely family together. 

The Notting Hill actor has been married to Pam since 1986 after they met at the Royal Court Theatre in London. They dated briefly and got married when they were 38 years old. 

As both individuals were working centric, they never had any children. The couple revealed that they have no regrets about their decision. 

Married for over 35 years, the pair lived in Golders Green, London for several years and since 2009, they have been residing in Elham, Kent.

What is Roger Frost Net Worth?

Roger Frost is estimated to have a net worth of over 1 million dollars. 

While the actor has been retired from the industry for many years, his famous roles ensured his value to be so high to date. The 73-year-old actor continues to make a public appearance in many ceremonies and events, increasing his income.