Who Did Johnny Bananas Cheat With? Johnny Devenanzio Cheating Video Scandal And Partner Details


Johnny Bananas is rumored to have cheated his wife Morgan with a dark brown hair girl.

Johnny Bananas is one of the popular television personalities. He is best known for his participation in The MTV reality show called ‘Tha Challenge’. He started off his career through his presence in the seventeenth season of ‘Real World’. 

After being the host of NBC 1st look, there has been no looking back for the actor cum media person. He is constantly seen on our screens and his personal life has generated the most curiosity. Let’s get insights into how the Bananas cheated on his wife.

Who Did Johnny Bananas Cheat With?

Johnny Bananas and his wife Morgan Willett were idealized by thousands of MTV ‘The Challenge’ fans. People could never imagine that these two could go wrong in any part of life. However, relationships are not sunshine and flowers. Things can get shady at times. 

To everybody’s shock, Johnny’s partner Morgan revealed on her Instagram that she was cheated on and had to part ways. She further added that people who followed her journey in the MTV show might call her a hypocrite but she was physically hurt by the revelation. 

It was said that she started dating Johnny while she was still in a relationship with the Survivor contestant Jay. Morgan said that she is aware that the public might be okay with what happened to her as she deserved it considering her past. However, the TV personality was not blaming anybody but was physically hurt.

Willett’s sister Alex also condemned bananas’ act and called it out on the media.

Johnny Devenanzio Cheating Video

After his partner Morgan revealed that Johnny cheated on her, a video started circulating on different social media platforms. It featured Johnny getting cozy and intimate with another lady who was definitely not Morgan. 

Even if the video seemed blur and the person in it could not be identified, one thing was sure that it was not Morgan. This resulted in proving her allegations against her better half right. 

The piece was posted by @thechallengeshaderoom and now Twitter and Instagram cannot stop talking about the case. However, the woman’s identity is yet to be revealed. There is nothing known about her other than her hair color; dark brown.

Johnny Bananas Partner On Instagram

Johnny Banans’ partner was Morgan Willet and we could see their PDA quite often on Instagram. The couple never really hesitated to show their love and affection publicly.

Now the pictures are no longer available on either of their account. Both of them have a substantial following on their social media and have the power to influence many.

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