Details On NFL Coach Zac Taylor Parents

NFL coach for Cincinnati Bengals Zac Taylor was born on May 10, 1983, to his father Sherwood Taylor and his loving mother Julie Taylor.

Zac was originally the Norman region resident and he has been pretty active in the Oklahoma region sports site during his Wake Forest college years.

Taylor’s father Sherwood is an NFL player himself and he has played for the Oklahoma team as the defensive back during the 1976-1979 period.

He also captained his team under the coaching of head coach Barry Switzer who served 16 years at the University of Oklahoma and other 4 years of his deltaic career at Dallas Cowboys.

Zac learned a lot about gameplays, captain duties, team management, and communication between players and coaching staff from his father Sherwood.

Sherwood and his dear wife Julie always reminded Zac of the player virtue that every athlete must have in his mindset.

Who Are Sherwood Taylor And Julie Taylor? 

Zac Taylor was born to his mother Julie Taylor and his former NFL athlete father Sherwood Taylor.

For three years under the teaching of Barry Switzer, Sherwood captained his Oklahoma University team from 1976-1979.

Sherwood and the local Oklahoma team are the two great reasons why Zac decided to play football and later move to coach after not making it to the final draft.

Zac Taylor’s Family Details-Meet The Bengals Coach Siblings on Instagram

Zac Taylor’s family comprises of him, his father Sherwood and his mother Julie, his younger brother Press Taylor and his younger sister Kathryn Taylor.

Press, Zac’s younger brother is a Colts team assistant, and his younger sister Kathryn is a Special Olympics swimmer and has bagged multiple medals in the major tournament.

Here is Kathryn’s post via an Instagram handle denoting a little about her: