Who Are Gabrielle Reyes Parents? Story On Her Abusive Mother Who Got Jailed For Killing Own Husband


Gabrielle Reyes’s parents are Arthur Reyes and Colette Reyes. Arthur was killed by his wife Colette a week before they were going to be divorced in 2009.

Gabrielle Reyes has a lot of titles in her name.

Precisely known to be a cookbook author and chef, Reyes aka One Great Vegan is an award-winning singer, actress, and TV host as well.

Reyes, who has been quiet for a long time about her parents has taken her social media platforms to inform her fans and followers.

Also, she hoped to empower and help millions of people through the stories she is going to present in the musical recipes.

Let’s find out more about her parents.

Who Are Gabrielle Reyes Parents?

Gabrielle Reyes’s parents are Arthur Reyes (father) and Colette Reyes (mother).

Born to her parents in Oceanside, California, Reyes’s parents were facing an internal conflict that led them to get a divorce eventually. But Arthur found himself being shot a week before signing the divorce papers.

Now that her mother Colette has been serving her time in prison for the murder of her husband Arthur Reyes, Gabrielle remembered her father on his birthday today where she posted a photo of herself, her sister Naomi and her father.

Arthur was a professor at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Arthur and Colette were married for over 2 decades and raised 2 daughters together. Colette, who was sentenced to 45 years in prison, shot her husband on November 22, 2009.

Gabrielle Reyes Mother And Father Case

Gabrielle Reyes’s mother Colette Reyes killed her husband of over 20 years Arthur Reyes.

Gabrielle and her father Arthur had moved out of their Arlington house in October 2009 as the professor was ready to file a divorce with his wife. Naomi, Gabrielle’s sister was at the college during that time.  

While Arthur visited his previous home to collect his valuable goods on November 22, 2009, he became a victim of homicide. Gabrielle, who was at her best friend’s house got a call from her father to help him and when she arrived at the scene, she found her father lying in a garage full of blood.

Colette had found about Arthur’s supposed girlfriend Ann Brown. But the killing is not motivated by Arthur’s relationship.

Colette was found to be a mental health patient who was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, and depression and anxiety with psychotic features.

Arthur had wanted her to be institutionalized.

Meet Gabrielle Reyes Husband

Gabrielle Reyes’s husband is Ace Anderson.

He is a professional actor, photographer, graphic designer, rapper, and comedian.

Anderson was born in Englewood, New Jersey to his Jamaican parents, raised in Florida, and oid currently based in Texas.

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