Where to watch ‘The Now’ as funny rope scene sweeps the Internet


If you’re a Pete Davidson fan actively following his news on social media, you would have definitely come across one scene from the show ‘The Now’ involving a rope.

The scene featuring the SNL star and Dave Franco has taken over TikTok, leaving fans in splits. It is only gaining momentum with each passing minute and we have got all the details here about ‘The Now’ and where to watch it so you don’t miss out on the much-discussed scene.

SCREENSHOT from The Now official trailer by The Roku Channel on YouTube

Where can I watch The Now online?

‘The Now’ is an American comedy series helmed by Peter and Bobby Farrelly.

It was originally planned to debut in 2020 on Quibi. However, after the platform shut down in December of that year, the show premiered on The Roku Channel instead.

All the episodes premiered on December 10, 2021.

The series, which was created keeping Quibi in mind, consists of episodes that are only between 8 and 10 minutes long.

Unlike other platforms that may require you to share all your details and even sign up to watch select shows, The Roku channel offers its services for free.

So, you can stream all the episodes of ‘The Now’ here on the official website free of cost.

Pete Davidson and Dave Franco’s rope scene goes viral

Rumored romance with Kim Kardashian is not the only thing Pete is in the news for.

The comedian has become a hot topic of discussion on TikTok for one of his scenes in ‘The Now’ with Dave Franco.

Pete is a recurring character on the show, introduced in the first episode, when Dave’s character, Ed Poole, goes to a store to buy some rope.

We will not tell you what the rope was for as it will spoil the story. But, the scene that’s gone viral on TikTok features a conversation between Ed and Pete’s character Adam.

The rather interesting and extremely hilarious conversation between the two strikes when Ed enlists Adam to find a certain kind of rope, but the latter has one too many questions about it.

You ought to watch the show if you haven’t to know what unfolds between the characters.

Devotion, a Story of Love and Desire | Official Trailer | Netflix



Devotion, a Story of Love and Desire | Official Trailer | Netflix






How many episodes does the series have?

‘The Now’ consists of fourteen episodes in total, all of them written by Steve Leff, Pete Jones and Peter Farrelly.

Meanwhile, it also stars O’Shea Jackson Jr. as Coop, Daryl Hannah as Maxine Poole, and Jimmy Tatro as Hal.

Other recurring characters besides Pete include Alyssa Milano, Lex Scott Davis, Rob Yang, and Bill Murray.

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