Tara Lipinski Now: Where Is She?

Tara Lipinski is back on TV screens as a commentator. She along with Johny Weir is scheduled to host and comment on Winter Olympics 2022. The duo will be hosting Winter Olympics remotely from Stamford, Connecticut instead of Chine due to the pandemic.

They have a great rapport, and it will be exciting to watch both of them on TV screens commentating on Olympic figure skating. They both were figure skating and Olympic competitors and are best friends.

Since 2013, both Tara and Johnny were NBC’s primary figure skating commentators. They worked as commentators along with commentator Terry Gannon for two Olympics.

Tara Lipinski Husband And His Age 2022

Tara Lipinski is a married woman and is married to her husband Todd Kapostasy. They got married on 24 June 2017 and had their lavish wedding in Charleston, South Carolina.

Johnny Weir, Tara’s fellow skater, and best friend was a bridesmaid at the wedding.

Todd is a sports and movie producer and director. They met at an award ceremony in 2015, where Tara presented the award to Todd at Sports Emmy.

Her husband is best known for the movies like The Pine Tar Incident, Making of Tar Wars Davey Lives On: A Beyond The Wheel Film, and many more. In 2016 with the documentary Confession of a Cubs Fan, he had made his debut in the film industry.

As of 2022, Todd is 35 years old. He is a Cleveland native and was raised in Lake County, Ohio. Kapostasy was also an athlete who used to do high jumping in his college days.

What Had Happened To Tara Lipinski?

Tara Lipinski had left her career as a figure skater in 2002.

Soon after she won the 1998 Olympic Games, she started campaigning against smoking, and visiting schools around the United States to encourage students to steer clear of cigarettes.

She also partnered with the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids again as a part of a 10-city figure skating clinic event.