Where Is Stephanie Ruhle This Week? What Happened To Her And Has She Left MSNBC


MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle has been absent from the 9 AM show this week? Read below as we have explored her recent whereabouts and future plannings below.

Stephanie Ruhle is known as NBC News Biz Correspondent and MSNBC Anchor of 9 AM news. 

Her morning show has been a part of some viewers’ morning routine for a long time. She provides straight forward balanced and informative news.

Stephanie has caught the news after being set to take “The 11th Hour” slot.

Where Is Stephanie Ruhle This Week? 

Stephanie Ruhle might probably be practicing and is on the full preparation for her 11 PM show this week.

She is active in her Twitter account sharing her opinionated views on recent news mostly political related. Likewise, the host has also shared her personal life snippets on her Instagram handle.

Did Stephanie Ruhle leave MSNBC 9 AM Show? 

Stephanie Ruhle has left the MSNBC 9 AM show but not the channel.

She can be seen now at the 11 pm show as her timing slots have been changed. Some online users have taken this news in positive light writing down that she gets to relinquish more of her priceless moments with her kids as she will be free on mornings now. On February 10, 20220, she shared via Twitter noting about her bittersweet goodbye to her 5 AM alarm.

There, Stephanie also wrote in the captions that tomorrow (the next day, i.e. February 11) will be her last early AM blare & 9 AM on MSNBC and will head up to the next gig. It seems the presenter will officially head over her to her next venture on March 2. 

Reportedly, Ruhle will be the replacement for Brian William, who is known to appear in the 11th Hour gig as a host. According to People, he has signed off and would be ending his run as host at the end of the year i.e. in December 2021 to spend more time with his family.

What Exactly Happened To Stephanie Ruhle, And Where Is She Now?

Nothing bad actually happened to Stephanie Ruhle, just that the presenter got a better opportunity.

About her whereabouts in the professional context, she is in the MNSBC but has moved on to another show. And, she also told her goal that is to get better and smarter every night instead of the morning now.

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