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Where is Magic Mike Filmed? All Filming Locations

Where is Magic Mike FilmedChanning Tatum is the protagonist in Magic Mike, a 2012 Comedy film directed by Steven Soderbergh. Soderbergh nails the film!! The way the charming director portrays the life of people who do things forcefully is fabulous. The film is a superhit, and the actors did their roles to perfection. Magic Mike is a low-budget film. Steven Soderbergh just needed $7 million for the movie to be completed. But It grossed over $168 Million, which tells us how much the audience loved Magic Mike!! Warner Bros. Pictures are the producers of Magic Mike. Steven himself does more than half of the work! Apart from making the film, he edited most parts of the film and is the cinematographer too. Magic Mike has a set of talented actors who did complete justice to the film.

Soderbergh chooses Channing Tatum to play Magic Mike for a particular reason. Tatum has real-life experience of being a stripper. Before he made his breakthrough in Hollywood, Channing Tatum used to work as a stripper. Tatum is a talented dancer, and his debut film was Step Up in 2006. Channing thought of making a film on his past experiences. All his thoughts progressed to the formation of Magic Mike! Michael Lane (Tatum) is a strip club dancer in a strip club-Xquisite for his living. The owner of Xquisite, played by Mathew McConaughy, is a rude boss. Mathew plays his role to perfection! 19-year old Adam is tired of his life and joins Mike in his job. They Both go on a journey that changes their lives! They eventually end up in opposite ways that tell us how humans can change! So where is Magic Mike Filmed? Let’s find out!

Magic Mike

Where is Magic Mike Filmed?

Magic Mike was most prominently filmed in Miami, Los Angeles, Florida & Texas. Magic Mike is on the coasts of Western Florida. Soderbergh and his team lay down their strip club’s set in the city of Tampa. The location was such, giving a perfect view of an Urban lifestyle. With a beautiful scenario and fun-loving ladies, Mike hit the bull’s eye. Most of the film’s shooting takes place inside Xquisite. For the most part, we can only see the interior of Tampa’s club, not the exterior. But it is a sports lounge which has the perfect design to make it look like a Stripper’s club!!


Magic Mike Filmed in Wilson’s Bar & Platinum Live:

Soderbergh’s idea was to shoot the majority of the film with a double straw camera filter. The exteriors of Magic Mike are at Wilson’s Bar, St. Petersburgh. The cast spends most of their time in there when they are outside the club in Tampa. But the double straw filter does not work in the interiors. The interior was in Platinum Live in Studio City, Los Angeles. Studio City is a district in Los Angeles, California, nearby San Fernando Valley.  The Studio City is currently closed. 

Magic Mike Filmed in Bricks Restaurant, 7th Avenue, Ybor City:

Mike shakes hands with 19-year old Adam(Alex Pettyfer) while working on his Project (The business). The so-called grand mansion is a private property at the end of Oceanview Drive in Terra VerdeThe Gulf Of Mexico is viewable from the Oceanview drive in Tierra Verde. Adam, later on, meets up with his sister Brooke(Cody Horn) as she goes on a date with her boyfriend, Tall Paul. They go to a stuffed restaurant named The Bricks. The restaurant is on 7th Avenue, Ybor City, Florida. 

Mike and Brooke, Ybor City

Other Locations

There is a scene where Mike and Adam convince some girls to visit their club Xquisite. This comedic scene of persuasion is at Amphitheatre Event Facility at 7th Avenue. There is a scene where we see both the friends hanging out together. They talk about their life before one does a flip and jumps into the water. This happy part is on a bridge at Pinellas Bayway. However, things didn’t go out that well for both. But till the kid and Mike were together, they had a lovely time in this superhit American Drama. In the Sequel, Mike moves on from his earlier(strip club) life and vows to pursue his dreams. The sequel worked out well for the team, as Tatum proves, nothing is impossible.